Propaganda during and after the Protestant Reformation

As many will know, the advent of the printing press allowed for mass publication of propaganda during and after the Protestant revolt in the 16th century. I wondered whether there were people who had “favourite” pieces of such historical propaganda either Catholic or Protestant. It’s interesting to see how things were characterised in that time.

By “after the Protestant Reformation” I really mean anything up until today, but especially up to the 19th century with Bismarck’s Kulturkampf.

Have there been any such pieces that caught your attention or that you find entertaining? Some I’ve seen really are quite funny. :rolleyes:

I truly wonder how many people actually believe this.

Well, of course not anywhere near the quantities of today, but surely more than having to copy text by hand?

Aren’t they called the Black Legends?

Does building huge and epic churches count as propaganda?

would the church even use propaganda?

A good question for the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda.

Do you doubt it?


No. :slight_smile:

.:rolleyes: Later and more properly known as the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, which we simply refer to today as evangelization.

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