Proper blessing of a St. Benedict medal


**** Hi, y’all! I’ve been told only a Benedictine monk can properly bless a St. Benedict medal, like a scapular must be registered(?). Won’t a “regular” blessing by a Catholic priest/deacon be sufficient? Please advise?
Thank you!

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Can. 1169

§2 Any priest can impart blessings, except for those reserved to the Roman Pontiff or to Bishops.

§3 A deacon can impart only those blessings which are expressly permitted to him by law.


there is a special blessing, but as the previous poster noted, any priest can bless it.

See for more info about the medal.


This seems to be very important to you. If you would feel more comforted by this being done by a Monk, you can contact St. Meinrad Archabbey in S. Indiana. They have a great website and so much more. Great resource to know more about St. Benedict.


Keep in mind that not all monks are priests or deacons.


**** Hey, coool! Thank you all for responding! So the bottom line is, as long as a Catholic priest blesses it, the blessing is valid. I just want more protection from the evil one, as many years ago I was a satanist. I do enjoy praying the Rosary & the St. Michael prayer, too!
God bless you all!

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If you also want the prayer of exorcism for the St. Benedict medal, I would get that done by an actual Benedictine priest (usually found at Benedictine abbey’s/monasteries). Just Google Benedictine abbey’s or monasteries near you. If you are able, assist at a Mass they have there, as the Benedictines do stress correct liturgy!


Why exactly does the medal need to be exorcised (or is the exact expression “need to receive a blessing of exorcism”)? I take it perhaps for the same reason that salt was previously exorcised at baptisms? To be honest though, I’m quite ignorant as to why…:blush::frowning:


The medal doesn’t need to be exorcised. There is an exorcism attached to the wearing of a blessed St. Benedict medal. Just google St Benedict medal and you can most likely find the blessing. Any priest can do it but it had to be the particular blessing which carried with it the exorcism. Wearing the blessed medal is a protection against evil.


The priest who blessed mine expressed himself incorrectly then :he said he had to exorcise it. Still, he did use the correct blessing.


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