Proper Disposal of Occult Paraphernalia

Before my spiritual conversion to Catholicism, I dabbled in the occult without knowing what in the world I was doing.

Thus at the time considering myself a practioner, I eargerly gathered what I thought to be “the essentials” or paraphernal items I believed would aid me in my (unbeknownst) worship (to the ever-deceptive Liar). Some of these items were given to me as gifts.

Currently, I still retain in my possesion:
*]A deck of Tarot cards
*]A deck of Vedic cards
*]A large volume on Witchcraft
*]A guide on astral projection
*]A guide on manipulating the powers of your Horoscope and Birth Charts
*]A crystal ball using for scrying
*]A dowsing pedulum
*]A silver pentacle necklace
*]A disk on chakra meditations
What is the proper way to dispose/destroy these items so that I or no one else may suffer any dangerous misuse of the Demonic powers?

In Christ’s Love,
Ariana εїз

I would destroy those things, preferably by burning, so that they cannot be used by others. If you have something of solid silver, it could be melted down and then sold for the silver value.

Well, I guess I would use the herbs in cooking, the candles for a power outage. the incense to burn to get rid of fish odors and the crystal ball as a garden ornament. I am pretty thrifty so I guess I would burn the rest in the grill and save on charcoal. The smoke from the charcoal grill would dissipate into the heavens and the angles could make rain clouds to fall upon the earth and cleanse everything. (the Irish in me is coming out):smiley:

In all seriousness I think I would lite a match and burn everything-safely, of course.

Hi Ariana :slight_smile:

There are procedures you can follow to destroy cursed items. The Saint Padre Pio Center for Deliverance offers the following advice:

If you do not feel comfortable destroying and disposing of these items yourself, the Padre Pio Center will destroy them for you once they are cleansed and blessed. Also please let them know that you will be sending it to them.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Be sure to get rid of them.

We knew a woman who with her family moved to a house. They were under demonic siege because she never got rid of her Wicca stuff.

There was a dark presence in the house that had the kids terrified, and eventually they moved.

Your link is broken – the site domain has expired. Although that does sound like what I would need.

Sorry, it was up yesterday. Here’s the same information which is published on a sister site of theirs, Saint-Mike:

I would suggest saving the pdf in case that link goes bad as well. Let me know how it goes!


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