Proper disposal of old medicines


In an effort to organize my house, I am purging my medicine cabinets of old medicines, etc. What is the safest way to dispose of outdated prescription meds, vitamins, Tums, etc.?

Thank you.


Check this out:

I have cats, so what I do is put any medications I want to get rid of in a plastic container with a lid (such as a margarine tub), add an inch or so of water to dissolve the pills, then put some used cat litter into the container, seal it up, and put it out in the trash inside another bag which has other household trash in it. Since the container has used cat litter mixed in, anybody who might want to tamper with it will stop when they see cat poo! And since it is in a sealed container, it won’t leak into the ground once the trash goes to the landfill.


Call your local pharmacy. The ones in my area will actually take old meds and dispose of them for me. :thumbsup:




both those suggestions are good. do not dump meds in the toilet, they can contaminate water supply, do not just dump them in the trash, in or out of the bottles, where children, pets or wild animals could eventually find them. most chain drugstores will take and dispose of old meds properly in bio-waste containers made for the purpose.


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