Proper Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel?

I should have posted this several days ago… but I was wondering if enrollment in the Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel would be an appropriate reason for me to celebrate Our Lady of Mount Carmel tomorrow as a proper feast (rather than optional memorial) in the Liturgy of the Hours.

All I can find is this (from the Table of Liturgical Days):

  1. Proper feasts, namely:
    a. Feast of the principal patron of the diocese.
    b. Feast of the anniversary of the dedication of the cathedral.
    c. Feast of the principal patron of a region or province, or a country, or of a wider territory.
    d. Feast of the title, founder, or principle patron of an order or congregation and of a religious province, without prejudice to the directives in no. 4.
    e. Other feasts proper to an individual church.
    f. Other feasts listed in the calendar of a diocese or of a religious order or congregation.

Number 4 is about proper solemnities, which I don’t think would apply. I know that Mt. Carmel is a proper solemnity for the Order of Carmelites, as is St. Elijah on July 20.

Does anyone have anything thoughts, or preferably clear documentation on this? Now, I am not bound to celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours, I choose to. But I want to celebrate faithfully according to the General Instruction anyway, as if I was bound.

If it doesn’t seem acceptable I’ll just celebrate as a memorial as best I can, and also pray the Te Deum extra-liturgically, as it were. But if I can do it as a feast (or solemnity) that would be great. I wish there were a Carmelite priory here I could go to tomorrow!

If you have some sort of spiritual affiliation to the Carmelites, it’s probably quite OK to use their ordo and celebrate the day as they would.

I am a Benedictine oblate and do try to follow the Benedictine ordo most of the time, though as I chant the office but use the 4-week LOH, it can get quite complicated (I think for one feast I needed something like 5 books to get through the office…). Sometimes I can get lazy though and just make sure I observe optional memorials in the general calendar that are memorials or feasts in the Benedictine ordo.

I see that the Saint Francis de Sales web site notes it as an Optional Memorial, but gives the references as though it were a feast [psalms for Our Lady].

16Fri. Weekday or Our Lady of Mount Carmel (1194)
MP (1372) (Ant) 906; DP 1017; EP (1378) (Ant) 911; NP 1052

Unless you own a copy of the Carmelite propers, there won’t be much difference – some different psalms and the Te Deum for Matins is about it.

Thanks for the responses. I went ahead and celebrated as a feast, with the psalms from the Common of the BVM, and the Te Deum. I found on the O.Carm. website and elsewhere that it said that the members of the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular celebrate Our Lady of Mount Carmel as their chief feast (something along those lines) so I went with that. The trouble is that, in the US, as far as I can tell, the Confraternity is simply anyone who has been enrolled in and wears the Brown Scapular - it’s not organized, no registry or leader or meetings or anything.

On Tuesday, July 20 I’ll celebrate St. Elijah as a memorial using the Common of Holy Men. He’s in the Martyrology for that day and there’s nothing obligatory, so anyone can choose to do that. Unfortunately since it’s not in the General Roman Calendar there are no propers at all (outside of a Carmelite breviary), and there’s no Common for prophets.

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