Proper Response For Priest Blessing(?)


Hey to the good peeps of CAF!~ (^___^)

So, as I look forward to meeting with Father tomorrow, to talk all things RCIA (Yay!!) I was thinking about our phone conversation,
At one point, he had said, “God bless you, Tabitha.”

And my response was to thank him- (Well, enthusiastically, it wasn’t just a half-hearted thank ya, or anythin’.) But I’m wondering if that was the correct response? Does one say, “Amen.” or…?

Many thanks in advance! ~


There isn’t a “correct” response, maybe a “thank you”, “you too”, “God bless you too” or “goodbye” will do? :slight_smile:

As long as it’s polite, anything is fine.


Welcome home! How exciting! Previous poster covered it, amen or thank you; GBU, Fr. Is great.



Just say, God Bless you too! Father, or his name.


“Thank you, Father” or “Amen” are perfectly fine responses.


I’m sure that your enthusiastic response was more than welcome, no matter what the words.

As I was reading this, I was reminded of an incident a few years ago. One of the the young girls (4 yrs or so) had been asked to bring up the gifts for communion with her older sister. She was so excited to have this important task, and was deep in concentration as she proceeded toward the sanctuary. She reached Father, gave him the gifts, and then could clearly remember she was supposed to do something. So first she bowed. Then she genuflected. Then she crossed herself. Then, just for good measure, she curtseyed. At that point, she was sure all her bases were covered and she skipped back to her seat.


Thank You Father. God Bless You too.


This morning as I spoke with Him (outside of the confessional) he asked about my father (who has been ill). He reached out and blessed me on the forehead. I said Father I wish I could bless you also (he smiled) but I told him I pray for him DAILY and will continue to do so.


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