Proper response to Catholic haters?


I have an issue. What is the proper response to someone who seriously hates Christians in general and CAtholics in particular? Where I work a particular client (who knows I am Catholic) has said some fairly foult things about the Blessed Virgin? I would elaborate, but they would get me intstantly banned. It is all I can do to bite my tounge and say nothing! If someone would say things like this in my home, they would be forcibly ejected. How would you respond?


Pray for them.


Bring them up on charges. You’ll have to figure out which “charges” are appropriate, of course.

If your employer doesn’t protect you from “a hostile work environment” then they are liable as well.

If that’s not an option, be a martyr.

…or just deck 'em. :slight_smile:

(( Somewhat joking on that last bit. ))



Are you the owner and this is your client? or do you work for an employer?

If you work for an employer you are protected from a hostile work environment and from sexual, age, creed, race and RELIGIOUS discrimination.

What would your boss do if he said the same things about a jew?

If he is offensive it is no different than a client telling the receptionist: Hey baby love that clevage or that skirt is too long. It is all on par.

If that is your client tell him straight how offensive he is being. If he doesn’t care fire the client. I have done so various times.


I would deprive them of the attention they crave.
I would simply try to live with humility as Christ called us to shine His light to the world.
I would agree…pray for them. Perhaps a daily Hail Mary for wisdom and understanding for such people. :smiley:


I work for a University as a student employee. The client is another student.


File hostile environment charges.


You are soo protected. Speak to your boss about it.

Tell them how you are so oppressed by his comments and how they make you feel less than. That the mere presence of this person makes your body shake with anxiety because of all the heinious things he says that you become physically ill.

They are obligated to confront this individual for you.

Then pray.

My 2 cents


two problems: That would be less than honest. Angry, yes. Physically ill, no. Second, hed cry “Homophobia”


So you cry “Catholophobia”!



I was making it a little dramatic so I did not mean for you to quote me but to emphasize the hostility and how YOU fell towards that hostility. However, if the person is being disparaging to your faith I cannot see how it would be homophobia unless there is more to it than your OP. Also, you have as much rights as any homosexual; actually you HAVE MORE rights because sexual orientation is not protected under the constitution or under any of the employment acts.

So unless we do not have the full picture you need to stand up pull you boot straps and do the same thing they do. Complain under your rights. Explain how OFFENSIVE they are and how hostile the environment is.

Now if none of the above is your situation then you need to re-clarify your OP

Hey if the person makes you angry that is a HOSTILE environment not dishonest.


Of course something did just occur to me: One of the courses I tutor has very few students qualified to assist with. In fact, there are only 2 of us. He is taking the class next quarter. I’m pretty sure I will be unable to help him. I just dont think I can help someone who refers to St. Mary as a woman of loose morals (using much les flattering vocabulary)


I’m not sure how I’d respond. On one hand, there’s turning the other cheek and following Christ’s example as He was mocked and His divinity blasphemed at Calvary. On the other hand, there’s standing up for our Mother. I’m torn.

I think at first I would say something along the lines of, “That’s not really relevant to the conversation; let’s get back to work,” and change the topic, being very cordial and polite (so he wouldn’t think he was getting to me). That seems most in line with 2 Corinthians 12:10, I think.

But I certainly wouldn’t put up with repeated abuse. I’d take some action if he refused to stop defaming my religion and Mary.


Actually that would be a great time to evangelize!! You know, while he does his work you pray the rosary or ready Scott Hahn’s Book Hail Holy Queen and you can read passages out loud… Or start writing some observation where he has to read it because it is next to him…

Lots of good can come from that. Bear your cross and give him some charity next semester.

This semester give him fire and brimstone.


I conduct myself in a professional manner and am valued in my deoartment, and have been recognized by the university with a scholarship for my work. The only compaint I have ever had was when I was busy with hmepwrk and wouldn’t help a student on my own time. I am by no means rude or crass. Several homosexuals know that I believe the lifestyle to be wrong, but they respect my honesty. In fact, one of them came to my confirmation. If I do anything “wrong” its that I am very outspoken about my faith. (The Tudor-Stuart class was uh interesting to say the least)


The very fact that you are responding is playing into his/her hands.

Just laugh it off as immature ramblings.

Don’t go the “report him/her route”. It just shows weakness.


I used to work with an “ex-catholic” homosexual male who used to complain to me about Catholics (because it was “OK for him to say because he used to be one”) and Baptists (At the time I was one and was VERY offended at his remarks. I complained to my supervisor (who happened to be Catholic) and his supervisor (who happened to be also a Baptist minister) and he eventually was fired. BTW, I work for a civilian government contractor and that sort of thing is NOT tolerated. He was dumb enough to make more than one of these comments to me without knowing I was offended. I let him know I was not agreeing with his comments without getting too upset and then reported him.

I work with another homosexual male who liked to talk about the "good lovin’ " that his boyfriend gets (who happens to be HIV positive - TMI for me!) and I reported that to my supervisor as well. He quit his potty mouth and now we get along fine.:thumbsup:

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