Proper reverence for crucifix on wall?

When entering a room in which there is a crucifix on the wall, is it proper to reverence the crucifix with a little bow, etc.? For example, in our priest’s study?

Thanks for your advice–this “Tiber-swimmer” appreciates it!


A bow of the head (or perhaps a profound bow) seems appropriate.

Thanks, japhy!


I agree, a nod of the head. I have a crucifix with a holy water stoop inside our door. I do neglect to fill up the holy water and I often walk past before I leave the house. I usually say: “Sorry, Lord I’ll fill it up”. However, I am always aware of it. I am always aware of the Trinity wherever I go.

A good tip for cleaning a holy water stoop in a hard water area is to soak it in vinegar. Holy water contains salt and oil apart from limescale. Vinegar gets rid of all those deposits.

We only genuflect to the Cross of our Lord on Good Friday.

I think that’s a wonderful idea! I know that there is a tradition of making the sign of the cross and/or bowing one’s head when passing a Catholic church, because Jesus is present there in the Eucharist.
I don’t think there is any tradition of any special gesture in regards to the crucifix, but - why not start one? it seems to me like a beautiful gesture, one our Lord would take to His heart in reparation for the many blasphemous gestures and cold indifferences He receives!

A Caveat: I didn’t mean, of course, that we should go about changing Tradition with a captital “T!” We don’t have the authority to do that, only God does. But it is rather a personal devotion, a tradition with a lower-case “t” such as a family tradition - one that is a sign of our love.

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