Proper use of a pyx

Hello again, I have another Eucharist question!
I cantor at church, and one Sunday, the organist asked me to bring a pyx with me when I recieved the Eucharist and bring him back a host, as the Eucharistic ministers usually forget to bring the musicians at the organ/piano communion during Mass:( At the time, I assumed this was ok, but now I’m wondering if it was right- can a person give himself communion from a pyx in this sort of situation? I felt uncomfortable about it afterword, and I don’t think I would do it again unless I was 100% sure it was ok.

It isn’t kosher for the faithful to take communion to other people in the church. Ask the organist to talk to the pastor about the situation, for as many times as it takes to get the situation addressed.

My understanding is that the use of a pyx is to give communion to someone who cannot attend mass - someone who is ill or disabled in some way. The question I have is why can’t the organist stand in line to receive communion? Every church I have been to, there is a break in the music which allows for a musician or choir member to go to communion. There doesn’t have to be organ music every minute during communion.

[LEFT]From Redeptionis Sacramentum :[/LEFT]

[LEFT][159.] It is never allowed for the extraordinary minister of Holy Communion to delegate anyone else to administer the Eucharist, as for example a parent or spouse or child of the sick person who is the communicant.[/LEFT]

The priest would have to delegate you for this task not the organist. But I think the better solution would be to remind the extraordinary minister to not forget the organist.

No, a person may not take Communion by themselves
[94.] It is not licit for the faithful “to take . . . by themselves . . . and, still less, to hand . . . from one to another” the sacred host or the sacred chalice (From Redemptionis Sacramentum)

Thanks everyone! I’ll talk to the organist and the priest. When the organist origionally asked me, he implied that the priest had oked this, but I don’t think that actually happened. I’ll let the priest know in case this organist has been asking others to do it as well. It kinda makes me wish we had the old communion rails back and most people recieved on the tongue…I feel like it would cut down on a lot of this confusion:confused:

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