Prophecy: 4 million to die in war between Islam and Christianity???

I was listening to a radio program this evening with my husband, and a Catholic convert called in and mentioned a prophecy that neither my husband or I had ever heard.

Is anyone familiar with Our Lady prophecizing that 4 million will die in a war between Christianity and Islam?

Thanks for your help!

Nope not heard of it, but kind of scary when u put into terms that this has already begun. And their was an Irish Pope (name and time escapes me), that spoke of the end of days after JPII.

Haven’t heard that one yet, I get the monthly quotes from Medjugore, and no mention has been made about such an event so far. Some prior messages warned of some possible ‘chastisments’, but nothing so specific as a war with muslims and 4 million casualties.

Given the political climate, it is entirely possible. Maybe that’s why the new Pope chose Benedict XVI. In Pope Benedict XV 's time, he tried to prevent Europe from destroying itself in WWI. We may be in for some rough times.


This site is copied from another thread. If you want prophecy with a big question mark, check it out.

wow! very interesting.

That is some really scary stuff.

If you read that site all the way to the bottom, it indicates that the Church is without a Pope for a VERY long time after Peter the Roman?

Sounds like fiction to me. I would interested to see where he gets the basis for his “prophecies.” I can’t imagine how he can type some of this stuff with a straight face. The only thing missing is the aliens landing.

That site is the most off the wall site I have ever seen. I have read articles from that site before, and none of them make any sense. Why are people passing it around on this forum? The idea that this guy knows that Christ is going to return in the year 2437 just gives the lunacy of it away. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if the guy was a mental patient at some psychiatric ward.

[quote=maryalene]The only thing missing is the aliens landing.

I did see the site referred to, on another thread, as “Catholics from Another Planet”

Predictions outside the scope of this generations lifetime are totally irrelavant.

No one will be around to prove disprove this guys claims. In 400 years who cares. The guy could be 100% right or 100 % wrong and my response would still be “So What ?”

The stuff he predicts in the next 10, 20, 30 or 40 years might bother me, but it’s so off the wall, that I’m more than likely to totally ignore it. And IF all the stuff he says starts to become true, there is not a whole lot that I can do about it anyway… maybe I can prepare by building up a 10 or 20 year supply of food… :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing information, guys.

I agree, that site is very freaky.

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