Prophecy of Bella Dodd


Someone posted within a forum the other day, the following link:

and I don’t remember who it was nor can I find the original post… But they were asking for opinions on it and I don’t think I saw any. I didn’t follow the link then, but I did later and am curious.

If anyone has any, or knows anything else about it, please share…

Goodnight all, see you tomorrow afternoon…


It’s nonsense.


Conspiracy theories (which is what this is) are comforting in that they enable us to pin all the blame on a group of people, thereby exonerating ourselves or people we like of any part in the blame.

It would be convenient to believe this but I can’t…


I’m not trying to promote conspiracy theories here, but it seems there are several accounts on this on other catholic websites, in addition to stories of her being urged by Fulton Sheen to take her information to the church and his bringing her back into the church. I found it interesting. I was hoping for some discussion with those who might know more or have opinions besides immediate dismissal without discussion… but I will consider the matter closed.


Interesting article. Though I don’t think its true, as there are many factors that has brought the Church to where it is now. Also, if the article has any merit, they didn’t succeed as the article says. They did not destroy the faith of the Church. Anyone who thinks the Church is beyond repair is a sad inidvidual who may have lost their faith, but I think the majority are working towards fixing the mistakes of those who misinterpreted VII, and the Church will not falter.


She thinks communiism was a hoax? I do not think she was dealing from a full deck.


I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you were propagating a conspiracy theory. That’s just my opinion of it. :o

We do know that the Soviet Union attempted to work thru the Church, for example, based on what we’ve seen happening in Poland with some of its priests and the assinination attempt on JP II but I can’t take that additional step to say that a large organized attempt was going to occur…


Should we trust anything from and the infamous Fr Gruner ?


I don’t know anything about her, but I did a quick look at her autobiography that is on line. In it she definitely didn’t think Communism was a hoax. Just google her name and the autobiography is the third or fourth listing. Kind of interesting read. I will probably go back a read the whole thing rather than just skim it.


After reading more source, it seems that “Communism” referes to the American Communist Party in America, not the worldwide version.

I stand corrected. It is possible she is sincere in her belief, but was mislead by party propaganda. I do not find it reasonable that 1100 people would sacrifice everything on such a useless mission. It would such a frivilous use of resource for such a small organization.


I looked up her book:“School of Darkness” on Amazon (1954).
It’s amazing the price of an old book:
School of Darkness: The Record of a Life and of a Conflict Between Two Faiths by Bella V. Dodd (Hardcover - 1954)
6 Used & new from $149.99

School of darkness by Bella Visono Dodd (Unknown Binding - 1954)
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I have 2 old tapes of her giving a talk on the Communist Party workings in the USA, but no mention of Church infiltration. So I couldn’t say one way or the other.

But we do know of the CP infiltration of clergy since the records on the Polish cardinal-elect-later-retracted-because-of-Communist-ties is recent history.
So, here’s a pope doing a Motu Proprio overriding other advice, to get a Communist cooperator a higher level of influence. If it’s not conspiracy, it’s really blind stupidity or determined obstinance. Take yur pick.

There will always be those who deny all conspiracies that relate to the Church…they also then must deny the constant teaching of ST Pius X. His Conspiracy theory was the best I ever read…Pascendi Dominici Gregis.
The next best for me was the Rhine Flows into the Tiber.
The former is the plan, the second is the execution of it.


Maybe not… don’t know if you realize this or not, but Wikipedia’s entries are created by it’s users… not Wikipedia…


Can you enlighten me a little further on the two? They’re both new to me…


It was my impression that back then the Catholic Church was a very powerful force to be reckoned with… so I wouldn’t think it would be such a useless mission to the communists… just my opinion, doesn’t mean it happened, but it certainly made me think!


She had said that at one point but like you said, if you read any of her further writing, it is clear she was very frightened and didn’t think Communism, or the Communist Party anyway, was anything less than real. Wikipedia has that in their entry for her… but I didn’t learn until today that anyone can edit and create a Wikipedia entry on their own and that the information provided on their entries isn’t there due to any official sources.


No problem… I just didn’t want it to seem as if that was my intention in posting… It’s just something I came across when kind of made me think and I hadn’t heard of it before so I was wondering what other people’s knowledge on the subject was :slight_smile:



But it is a good place to start. I found a fuller version by the original author here.

But then I have no idea how credible **he **is. Sounds like he may have an axe to grind.


No, they didn’t destroy the faith in the church, but you cannot deny that it certainly is a lot more fragmented than united compared to decades past, regardless of how it got that way…

Anyone who thinks the Church is beyond repair is a sad inidvidual who may have lost their faith…

I don’t recall that being said anywhere…


I agree… I go there first for most things these days. I looked up SSPX after having no clue what it was and was amazed at just how much information was there.

I found a fuller version by the original author here.

Thank you…

But then I have no idea how credible **he **is. Sounds like he may have an axe to grind.

Yeah, that seems to be my problem so much these days in trying to learn… it’s hard to find sources that don’t already have a fixed agenda :slight_smile:

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