Prophesy and the Bible


How can I respond to a Non-Catholic who says that ‘Prophesy’ proves the Bible is the Word of God? I want to challenge him on this, but have never heard Prophesy proves the Bible.

Thank you!


That is one of the silliest claims that I have heard. Ask them to demonstrate, in principle, how or why this can possibly be true.

As well, scripture scholar Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. asks: “Where did the ‘Sacred Table of Contents’ come from?” After a lifetime of searching, he cannot find it anywhere in any of the 73 books. Your friend has even less chance of finding it in 66 books.


Actually, I think , to some extent, Catholics could agree with this statement if I understand correctly what the statement means. It may simply mean that because Chirst fulfilled so many, if not all of the Old Testaments prophesies, the odds are so slim that this could have happened without Divine intent , that by fullfilling so many prophesies , the odds only conclude that Christ is who He says He is and who we believe Him to be.


What they miss is that they seem to think that the 66 book bible simply fell from the sky. They hold that the bible as they know it was inevitable. Such contortions of logic exist solely to remove the Catholic Church from the process.

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