Prophet Daniel Diet/Fast

A number of Christian “sects” traditionally engage in a 21-day Daniel Fast, based on Scriptures from on Daniel and Isaiah. On the surface it appears benign relative to our Catholic faith. I am wondering if there any pros/cons with respect to the Catholic faith. I guess I’m am more concerned with the Purpose of the fast vs. the physical aspects of “purging the bodily impurities.”

Not sure if you are asking if fasting according to Daniel principals is approved for Catholics if they are practicing it with motives for spiritual growth or just for detoxifying the body. If it’s just to detox the body, it’s just a vegan diet. My understanding of the Daniel fast is that it’s purpose is to promote spiritual devotion to God. In either case, I’m not aware of there being any restrictions for Catholics, unless someone who is doing it is endangering their life or the life of an unborn baby.

When I first saw this thread I thought you might be referring to the Daniel Plan by
Pastor Rick Warren. That plan doesn’t sit right with me…I have a problem with mega church pastors making money off books purely because of their vocation…unless of course, he’s donating the proceeds to charity. :slight_smile:

Yes. I agree with the purpose-based response. In terms of spiritual growth, the use of Holy Scripture does not seem to conflict with Catholicism/Christianity principles. Thanks for your input. I believe I just needed to talk about it out loud (so to speak) to clear up my foggy brain. Thanks.

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