Prophetic dream? Or something else?

A few months ago, I had a dream that literally scared me half to death.

In my dream, I was watching the news on my phone at night outside on the grass while the president was declaring WWIII. At the same time, dozens of planes began to fly overhead as they were deploying for combat. I had the feeling it was nuclear war.

I knew after I woke up that it was supposed to be during the summer and It was during Trump’s presidency. I felt so real, and the dream was in color. I even remember the fireflies around me as I was watching the news.

I have since read many accounts of people having very similar dreams around the same time I had this dream. I don’t want to be superstitious, but it did make my throat tighten up with fear. Could a dream like this be a warning from God? I don’t watch any violence on TV, and I am a faithful practicing Catholic.

It does makes sense to me that God would have his people dreaming these types of dream as a warning before any kind of nuclear war. But, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Really? You have read many accounts of people having the same dream?

Just a dream. Maybe you all watched the same movie, newscast or something.

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It is possibly because of all of the mess we hear day in and day out on the news. Pray, trust and don’t worry. God’s will be done.


It more likely just relates to your brain sweeping out anxieties from your own life.

God generally doesn’t go sending people dreams that cause them to have anxiety, unless it’s anxiety about the state of their soul or perhaps the souls of others who need prayers. Dreams about nuclear war, auto wrecks, being chased by a murderer, having your home invaded and being unable to dial 911 on the phone, etc are not “warnings from God”, they’re your brain sweeping out debris or perhaps trying to solve a problem in your own life.

People have similar dreams because many people in society are genuinely anxious about life stuff and it comes out/ expresses itself in their dreams. Not because God is broadcasting a mass warning.


Right! We don’t really know what dreams do and what they mean. It’s not a good idea to put much thought into them at all.

Usually if a dream is actually meaningful to my life or “from God” I will not need to ask anyone what it meant when I wake up. I know what it meant. Also, none of those kinds of dreams leave me feeling badly. Generally the opposite.

I would say of all the dreams I’ve had in my life, the above pertains to less than ten of them, many of them involving deceased loved ones.

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I’m not asking what it meant. I’m seeking validation that I’m not crazy if I believe this is from God. Honestly I now wish I would have just kept it to myself.

I do wonder though if the saints have dreamed prophetic dreams. St. John Bosco comes to mind. And there are scriptures that state in the end times people will “dream dreams”. I’m not sure which verse that is.

Also, the sarcasm coming from some of you here is not helpful. If you think it’s a stupid question then I don’t see the point of coming onto this thread and belittling my post. I’m seeking spiritual advice, not mockery.

So basically, you only want answers from people that think it is a prophetic dream is what you are saying? No one was belittling your post either.


I’m sorry you’re not getting the answers you apparently hoped to get or wanted to get. Unfortunately, that’s a risk of asking a question on here. It seems we frequently get people asking a question and hoping for a certain answer and then getting bothered when they don’t receive whatever confirmation of their views they were hoping for.

I don’t see how you’re reading “sarcasm” or “mockery” into the answers, either.

Bottom line is you asked for our thoughts. My honest thoughts are that I don’t believe that God sends out mass warning dreams, and I’m not going to confirm somebody’s feeling that people are getting mass warnings about Trump or nuclear war (or anything else cataclysmic like the end of the world etc). To me, it just sounds like a by-product of the news media’s daily attempts to foment hysteria.

If these are from God, These my Priest would say are private revelations. They are for us, and not for others. They are for us for some reason. They are not like those of the great saints. They are not public type revelation.

Perhaps you are being told to be spiritually fit. To love and care for an individual more, to fix something.
maybe to stop worrying about wars and evils of the world and to get on with your life.
Reading the accounts of others does not make them true. I could write anything I want, but it does not make it true.

For spiritual advice you really need to speak to your priest though.

You should speak to your Priest.


NO! I want spiritually sound advice. If you seriously think It is just a dream I would hope you could back it up with a catechism reference or something instead of just writing me off.

I think you are reading something into something that is not there.

That sound manipulative. “Overly dramatic” is subjective and entirely your opinion.

Aren’t the saints prophecies also private revelation? I thought only scripture and the Church’s teachings were considered public revelation.

OP, if you think this dream is some type of a prophetic private revelation and you need spiritual advice about it, please consult with your priest.
The forum has a rule against discussing material from unapproved private revelations.


Okay. I understand that. I won’t continue to post about it here.

That is not the case. I just dont want to be written off. I thought that was the point of a spiritually centered forum instead of a secular one.

I was hoping for wisdom like quotes, teachings of the church etc. even if it goes against my dream. Actually I was hoping it would! I don’t want my dream to be true. But just scoffing and jumping to conclusions is not helpful nor kind.

I wouldn’t put any stock in it. It’s just a dream.

And, I Just want to clarify that I’m defensive because I am so freaked out by this dream and I’m not being taken even slightly seriously. I don’t want it to be true because I won’t want nuclear war.

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