Prophetic Dreams

In the Old and New Testaments there was great importance placed on dreams. God spoke to Joseph of the Old Testament and Mary’s spouse Joseph in the New Testament.

I had a dream that God spoke to me and told me that Obama was the antichrist.

How significant was this dream? He is certainly the President that came from nowhere.
All of his actions certainly lead in that direction.

Is it possible that God is speaking to us in these dreams because something terrible is about to take place?

How do I get the word out if this dream is true?

Could be Satan feeding into your own hatred of the president.

The Anti-Christ will be loved by the world.

Obama falls far from that.


Leaving out the subject and message of the original post;

If I had a dream that I thought was really crucial or important, I think it would be best to pray for more of a confirmation on the message, to meditate on it to the Lord. Perhaps pray a Rosary or go to Adoration. If a message was divine and was meant to get out as to its authenticity, I’m sure a way would come to spread the word. As it is, there are many people who get messages and so this is something I am very wary of.

Ok ,I had crazy dream about Obama.I’m a history maven so when I dreamed that he reinstated the Alien and Sedition act nobody knew what the heck I was referring to.

It means that you don’t like Obama.

That Obama formally supports evil acts like abortion there is no doubt. The possibility that he is the anti-Christ is largely irrelevant because it doesn’t change anything a Christian has a duty to do. Abortion IS anti Christ.

I’ll guarantee you’d been thinking about Obama beforehand. I’d say the devil was just playing with your mind, to see if you’ll stick your neck out and get yourself into trouble.

In the case of the two Joseph’s the dreams came out of nowhere. The first Joseph was in prison of all places, and the dream was useless in that position. God had to do something else first to get him out.

In the second case, no doubt Joseph had been wondering what to do about Mary, but it was based on a very unexpected event - the archangel Gabriel turning up in person to tell her she’d be the mother of the Messiah.

When God gives those sorts of messages, they’re usually out of the blue. The 3 children at Fatima had no idea Mary was going to start talking to them, but she did.

I don’t think Obama is the anti-Christ. I do think its an American public figure for what that’s worth, but even if I’m right, there’s not a thing I can do about it, so why bother worrying?

In such a thing it is better to first discern whether a dream comes from your own mind, or if indeed it comes from God…
I have just been reading about Church’s views of the anti-Christ in a Catholic book, which draws on the Bible and the Church Fathers (and by some coincidence my wife wanted to speak with me on who the anti-Christ may be, so this has been much in my mind).
The anti-Christ will be a powerful world-ruler who succeeds in all he does, who will reign a few years. Obama has not succeeded in all he does, and in fact has been a failure in many things. But I don’t want to get into politics. I don’t think anyone on the world scene matches the Bible’s picture of the anti-Christ, who will appear at the end of days.
Someone isn’t a candidate for being the anti-Christ simply because he seems hostile to Christianity. He will be a very effectual persecutor of Christianity (and of all religion) who will succeed in nearly wiping out Christians and who will demand men worship himself, in accord with the characteristic desire of satan to turn men from God.

Per the “Anti-Christ”, I do believe it already took place with Caesar if I have my prophecy correct. I suppose there could be another.

But the OP is puzzling because often, one can just write whatever they want to test what others may make of it and it really shouldn’t be made political. Why not just say I had a dream that a certain famous man was indeed the “Anti-Christ” and then, we could go from there, it could be one of a few well known world leaders.

I also always thought the antichrist would be intelligent. This President is
very much lacking in that capacity.

I actually read some things online about people saying that it was revealed to them that he was the antichrist. I asked God for revelation about the subject. I had this dream after I had asked God about relevation.

So was the dream an answer to my prayer, or was it the result of reading certain things on the internet?

His policies are worse than abortion. He voted 3 times in the Senate that children who survive abortion procedures should be killed anyway.


I watched the President’s interview on 60 Minutes tonight, he was brilliant.


Good point, anyone voting for infanticide strikes me as evil otherwise, his foreign policy and policies in general do show he’s not too bright.

Instead of looking at others we should look in the mirrors at ourselves. I believe it was saint Augustine who said that those who do not do the will of the Lord are anti-christs.
Just like saying this group or that person is guilty of Jesus’ death we should remember that we all had a hand in the crucifixion

I note too, in his softball interview with 60 minutes, President Obama didn’t even go to congress to ask for authorization to bomb Syria. Partisan politics I suppose, you don’t hear a peep about this or how some of the drone strikes in Afghanistan evidently killed innocents, perhaps in Iraq too. But if someone else did these things, you’d really hear people complain.

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