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I am having some troubles discerning the extent of my calling in the Church. At mass tonight there was a theme and a word to the effect that the Church needs prophets and teachers. I am already a husband and father but I also feel called to teach and, although I am very hesitant to admit it, I am troubled in belief that the Lord has given me some gift of prophecy.

I guess I just ask that you would please, please pray for me because I don’t feel brave enough to ask anyone I know to pray about this for me.


Will pray for you – but one other aspect which is worth living is the reality of our Baptism which makes us priestly, prophetic and Kingly – it all part of our Baptism into Christ and into the Holy Trinity


Hi there…I would be the first one to say don’t be afraid of your spiritual gifts. We receive them in our baptism and many of them overlap each other… A person with the gift of prophesy would be a great teacher because they would be sharing their faith with others which is a big part of teaching the faith and passing it on to others. They key is letting God lead and remember that catechists usually have training on what subject matter to cover and a program director and guide to the program… Remember the gift of prophesy doesn’t necessarily mean knowing the future as people would have it, but receiving revelations from God…When we hear God speaking to us through His word or in prayer we are utilizing the charism of prophesy. I pray you follow Gods will and use your gifts to give glory to God!! We should always use our gifts or they will not untap what’s best in us… :slight_smile: I will of course pray for you on your journey of faith…:gopray2::signofcross:

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

― Catherine of Siena


In what way are you troubled? The prophet brings God’s word and shows God’s love to others. You can do that as a father, a husband, a friend, neighbor, co-worker, religious education teacher, coach, or in just about anything you do.

Also bear in mind what St. Paul wrote about prophecy in 1 Corinthians 13.

I will pray for you.


Thank you all so much. This is really very helpful.

It has troubled me because I don’t feel that I could confide to anyone around me that I have had anything revealed to me by God. I only believe that to be the case because it is so vivid and pervasive in my everyday life, and it has driven me strongly to attend Mass and receive the Sacraments. I also firmly believe that God had planned this because I am a stoic man and I tend to feel weak in the heart many times recently for fear of the subject matter of the revelation, and I do t know how I could live normally if I were not so ‘cold’ emotionally, so to speak.

So I am not sure that I need to be proclaiming these things to anyone I know; like Paul said, what is it without love? And so I feel compelled to enrich my spiritual life in the body of Christ, his Church, so that my calling may make itself more clear with each passing day. Perhaps the right time will come or the right person with whom I can share these feelings and make a good effect. I would only ever want the effect to be the delivering of grace to the life of another soul.


Hi, You might want to speak to your priest or a spiritual director about what you’ve been experiencing to determine which charism(s) you are experiencing… The scriptures says in all things we must test the spirits. (1 John 4:1) A little fear is normal but more than that is a concern because the opposite of love is fear. If a person is fearful it can get in the way of love… Doing something new will always be a challenge but when you find yourself in the right place you should be experiencing joy and peace in it. So it would be helpful to know more about yourself and your charisms in order to help direct your path. Also remember the closer we are to Jesus the more we learn about ourselves and what God wants us to do. Talking to someone like your Priest may be a good option for you…:slight_smile:

I’ve learned a little about this in the Called and Gifted Workshops held at our parish by the St. Catherine of Siena Institute.

You might want to check out this page for more information on this.


I thought all prophecy ended with John the Baptist. :confused:


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