Whenever a daily Mass reading involves Elijah, Elisha or the Book of Daniel, our pastor begins his homily by stating that these are fictitious characters.

What do you suggest I say to him, if anything?

Thank you,

Suzie McGinn


Ask him to explain the appearance of Elija to Jesus and His Apostles at the transfiguration.


Your Priest angers me , Im afraid if i was at your Church id go off on him, even though he is a priest . But to me it sounds almost like Satan himself is preaching


[quote=Dr. Colossus]Ask him to explain the appearance of Elija to Jesus and His Apostles at the transfiguration.

Not only THAT, but I’d even go further and STAND UP after he said such an inane thing and pose that question to him…hey…priest or no priest…you wanna have the audacity to confuse MY breathren and possibly lose them to the Christian faith altogether…, I have non qualms about publicly reproving you…doing so after Mass in private serves NO purpose in letting the (congregation) know that GRAVE error is being passed on! getting more people fired up means getting more letters and calls to the archdiocese… smaller collections…a signal to end the NONSENSE!..and the FASTER that matter is put to bed… C’mon…does ANYONE here have a story that ends in a GOOD WAY after they took their priest aside and reproved him…did he apologize?..did he promise to look into a teaching?..did he get back to you?..did he admit his error?..did he offer a retraction in the bulletin and/or and apology for misleading the faithful at the following Mass??? I dont think so…this stuff never ends the right way…so make it PUBLIC I say. :mad:


Why are they fictional? Why should we not believe that they were real? Are they fictional because they have no tomb or remains? Neither does Jesus or the Blessed Virgin. Maybe they are fictional, too. Are they fictional because they worked miracles? Smae with Jesus, Moses, the Apostles, Paul, and a lot of the saints. Maybe they are fictional, too. They were real. Now, are thier stories written as we would tell them today? No, but that is true of the entire Bible.

I disagree with making a public stand first. I would contact him after mass and ask for a copy of the homily. I would then foward it to the Bishop and ask if that is proper Catholic teaching. If that does not work, I’d keep on until I had to make a public scene.


Try “See ya.”


This is a Catholic mass? So a Catholic priest?


i don’t know if it’s ever ok to do such a thing. you’re usually supposed to report them to their superior if they don’t correct it. trust in God and have patience - that’s what Luther lacked i think…


Ask the priest , if he has a little patieance, the Cirteria of a true/false ProphetMessenger of GodAllahYHWH ascertained from the OTBible; anybody who fits into this Criteria is true/false ProphetMessenger. Such an easy and simple answer.

The problem here with some of my Christian friends is that they don’t let God speak for Himself. If they would have done it they would find a straight passage from the OTBible on every important issue, if Bible is a living book that answers every rational/reasonable/logical questions, of course we are not discussing here pure Mathematics or Physics, and we are mostly concerned with the every day moral, Spiritual and religious issues, and a religious worthwhile book must resolve such issues, if it is truthful to its purpose. When they don’t get support from the Bible, they think they are wiser than God, so they try filling the void by putting words into God’s mouth first for the Claim and then for the Reason which is usually not found there. One is hence left wondering if the Christian God is living and All-Wise, anybody’s guess.


but the reality is, cultures, language, and interpretations change over time, which is why there is an authority on earth to help preserve and interpret it for us. there is not, and there can never be, a book that covers every language of every age. even the most important issues can be misinterpreted in any book whether it be the Bible, Torah, or Qu’ran.


I agree with you that interpertations get corrupted by the vested interest of the Clergy, and if Clergy are relied upon. Then reason supported by the Revelation comes to the rescue. GodAllahYHWH sends some DivineGuide who puts the humanity on right path again. Like in this age GodAllahYHWH has sent PromisedMessiahImamMahdi 1835-1908 who received Word of revelation from God directly that is supported by the Word of God revealed on Muhammad, Jesus and Moses etc and is also rational, reasonable and logical.No need of any radical Clergy indeed who only want others to follow blindly.


and if there are muslims who don’t agree that this prophet is entirely reasonable and logical? and if there are more prophets to come? and if they happen to not agree with eachother? when and how do you draw the line? who has the final word for the sake of all the people? what determines an authentic prophet then?


The world has transformed into a global village now, so bridging gaps seems possible. To know what a ProphetMessenger is or Criteria of a true/false Prophet, I started a thread titled " Sign of Jonah" for kellie:

Kindly post your views there for a meaningful discussion.

The first and primary source on “Jesus did not die on Cross” and later died naturally is the pristine Word of God revealed on the PromisedMessiahImamMahdi 1835-1908.

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