Do we have prophets Today? I ask this question because we have all these great writers and they may or may not believe in God. Are these messages from the Beginning and the End any way he can get them to us, Take 2012 for instance. If this was meant for us to see as a prophesy and somehow we only see it as entertainment is God getting pissed, is Satan laughing? Or Fight Club can we actually believe that God is happy about interest, Muslims, I think, believe that interest is evil. I have to say that I agree. Why should someone make a living off others by only sitting on their keisters Bill collectors, credit card companies, Countries(national debt). I do not think that God is a socialist or capitalist or whatever

Hello,…hopefully I can put some light on the subject./

From clm0560/…

      I John 4  : 1  Beloved, believe not every spirit,  but try the spirists whether they are of God: Because many false prophets are gone out into the  world.

" Blessed is he who has not seen but believes." Meaning that some are anointed and have seen because they are anoited and God wants them to see,…yet those of us not
anointed,…who have not seen,yet believe,…are blessed because it is belived to be pure faith…" But by faith alone…"

Job 1 : 7-12,…

This scripture tells of how God had meeting with his angels and satan interrupted and in front of all the angels put forth the question,.(.in lame mans terms more or less) said to him: If you didn"t
give Job everything he wanted or needed he would curse your name and die,…more or less,…therefore rising the question that when you are being tested ,…with each and everyone of us…would we love God if we longed for ,needed or suffered? or do we love him conditionally only when he gives us what we want? But I say to all persons,…a quiet gift is given and God says: If we ask,…except for " IF WE ASK HIS HELP" that is yet another gift God gives us to reach out to him when hard times hit and when we are being tested and suffering,." Ask" " ask in the name of Jesus " Help me!"

so it is not if a great writer believes or doesn’t believe,the answer is for us, our self to believe irr reguardless

Beginning or the end,…beginning of the end,…you can ask anything of this or that,…stilll the answer remains,…except by faith alone, ye be saved.

God gives us advise and tells us to test the scriptures or persons or books or which have you,.whatever the case may be,…one way,…a easy way to tell is this,…" Love does not distroy!" So if a certain thing,decission or consequence,…must be tested,…remember
that love does not distroy. God is love,…and so,…apply this rule and 10 out of ten times you will instinctively know.

God also has given us this little voice as we call it. something in our being just knows,…and we must listen to it,…it is another gift god gave us to aid us in knowing what to do. God loves us so m uch,…but we still raely love ourselves enough to care if we have life after death, forgetting that life hereafter is not like the life now.

We may never be perfect or come even close to perfect,…but can be thought of as " Our " father" who art in heaven…meaning ,.much like a human father,…he doesn’t want us to come to ruin or die never to see life after death,…he created us to live,…to enjoy life he gave us,…think of it that way.

 If one can think of things in simplest terms, I set example " Father in heaven"   father being the key word,..Father, is very oftent hat simple,..he does not want to see us perish. He made us for his glory,..let us not forget that. He wants us to live and enjoy life.

 From way back when,..we are so use to being condemned by the bbible,..few taught the love it shows,..because few realized the secret gifts God gives us to call on him and his son for help against the dark side or hardships of the world, physical and spiritual.

 So be confident in that God loves us and even  in that God our creator will have th last say,.beginning or the end,..he will hae last say because he created us and we are that which he loves.

May God cover you with the blood of Christ and keep you safe and always minded of his gifts and powers he offers us for safety and well keeping.

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