Proposed ban on religious garb introduced in Quebec parliament [CWN]


Bernard Drainville, Quebec’s Minister Responsible for Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship, has formally introduced controversial legislation that would prevent "personnel …



Well this legislation is certainly reasonable in scope. Why not use a sledgehammer to squash a fly? Clearly people of faith need not apply in Quebec. Way to go Canada!


Dear Quebec,

You are not France. You will never be France. Stop trying to be France.


North America


How does one say hogwash in French?


This is not Canada. This is Quebec. Anglo-Canadians will know what I’m saying.


This is not Canada. That is just Quebec. Thanks be to God, we don’t have such foolishness in Alberta; not yet anyway. Calgary’s Muslim mayor even went so far as to extend a welcome to those Quebecois who will be undoubtedly affected by this proposal, telling them they are welcome here.


Laver le cochon?





I propose “cochon-lavage” as an alternative. :wink:


Don’t know, but I like the way it sounds in American:thumbsup:


Not Canada, but Quebec. Quebec is a society that, reacting against the Jansenistic tendencies of the lower clergy, overreacted and turned anticlerical instead.


Wayyyy over the top.

Unacceptable. :frowning:


Pardon my French, but…

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