Proposed bill would require men in Alabama to get vasectomy

Rep. Rolanda Hollis (D-Ala.) proposes bill requiring Alabama men over 50 or with 3 kids to get Vasectomy. Is this what Democratic Socialism has to offer us?

Just a stunt. Nothing to see here. Move along.


But it has a directional purpose,
the message is clear.


Clearly Rep. Hollis has no intention that this should ever become law. She’s just putting the idea out there to make a point.


HB-238 was proposed by Rep. Rolanda Hollis Thursday. The proposal also states the procedure will be done at the man’s own expense.
From the article:

"The bill is currently in committee at this time. If it is passed, the bill would go into effect the third month since its approval. "
If the author of the bill is not serious, she is wasting the resources of the taxpayers in her state. If she is serious, the limiting of children per family to a maximum of three, will, hopefully, be quickly refuted in court.

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I’m pretty sure this is one of those political stunt bills. No one’s actually trying to pass it.


There is another thread on the same topic.


I thought this might be a joke at first because such a bill is extremely unethical medically and highly illegal under the very 14th amendment that protects the Alabama representative’s Constitutional rights to privacy and autonomy from state interference.

Sadly, this is no joke. Representative Hollis proposed the bill which was read on Feb. 13th.

No state in the US has the right to force a competent adult to undergo a medical procedure. This is nuts (oops, sorry no pun intended).

Oh goodness, my SIL just told me I’m “getting testy”. I agreed, responding that I have six sons and I’m tired of the attitude towards males. I didn’t catch his pun at first.

But we both agreed that this lawmaker ( I use the term loosely) needs to be sacked.


I thought the t shirts on the little boys “swim team survivors” were tacky.


Indeed. Authoritarianism seems to be on the rise. Laws limiting the rights of families to have children seem to contradict the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


If there is a move toward libertarianism, remember that such includes a right to euthanasia, suicide and possibly abortion on demand.

It’s still essentially a joke - or rather, a protest. Legislators sometimes will submit bills that they know are illegal or don’t actually intend to pass, with the purpose of making a statement rather than actually intending to make a law.

It’s clear to me reading the article that the bill is meant to make a statement about expecting women to carry a child to term, but not expecting men to be responsible for not making unwanted babies in the first place. No one expects it to actually pass.

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This is one of those bills intended to simply get attention and make a platform for the legislator pushing it.

No male legislator over 50 or even approaching 50 is going to vote for this bill. Even if somehow a majority did vote for it, it’s highly likely that it would be vetoed by the exec or overturned by the courts on constitutional grounds.

Politicians do a lot of things to simply get “all eyes on them”. It’s important to separate out the grandstanding moves from the initiatives that actually have support and might pass.

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I was referring to authoritarianism which can also be utilized to push abortion and euthanasia.

Apparently, men aren’t supposed to have free choice over their bodies – forced sterilization. This shouldn’t ever pass. Who gets to say how many kids a man can have, as long as he can support them? Vasectomy should be strictly a man’s personal choice. Who ARE these would-be dictators? And when shall they be voted out of office, while Alabama’s citizens still CAN vote? Looney-tunes!

Now you get the statement.

Sometimes I’m wondering how many people here actually talk to pro-choice folk. And I don’t mean just protesting. It’s a good idea to actually get in there enough to understand how people think.

Why is the ability to support them an issue?

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