Proposed new abortion laws in Victoria, Australia


Dear Friends,
Some new laws are being proposed in Victoria, Australia that will extend existing abortions laws.

There will be a so called “conscience” clause in the proposed law that “exempts” Catholic hospitals from having to do abortions, however it will be mandatory for them to refer the woman to someone who will do the abortion, because of this the Catholic hospitals will be forced to close down. They make up a third of all the hospitals in Victoria.

If they do close down, the Victorian government will have to provide for hospital patients in some other way. Hopefully the enormous costs involved in doing that will make politicians vote against the proposed legislation.

The auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of Melbourne was interviewed on TV and the interviewer had the hide to suggest to him, that it might a bit hypocritical of the Catholic Church to close down its hospitals and deprive the public of medical and maternity services. The bishop made it clear in the interview that there will no compromises, i.e. no referrals to other doctors (who do abortions). The TV interview was finished with a very cold “Thank you bishop”.

The proposed laws will be debated in the Victorian parliament in October. Please pray that these laws don’t get passed. Thank you.
Greetings and prayers,
Mary Ann
(Sydney, Australia)

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Jesus please only let laws be passed that protect your little and helpless ones. Protect our unborn infants, Jesus.


Jesus please give healing to autistic children; and courage, support and wisdom to their parents


Dear Lord
Please guide the leaders of Australia. Grant them wisdom and love that they may only pass laws in accord with your own. Please protect all the little souls and help your Church to stand firm and to always pronounce your truth





yup heard about this…
and praying


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