Proposition 8 in California(Marriage Protection Act)

I don’t know if you know anything about Proposition 8 in california in 2008 when it was voted for and a gay movement is trying to get it reversed. It’s in the courts now and I know it may be a sensetive subject with some of you but it’s out there. They argue about teh church and state but there are some things that the church and sate agree with and marriage is to be recognized as a matrimony between a man and a woman. It was too bad it was not in the constittuional amendment and stil isn’t> there are too many arguements on this. There are differences between a traditional marriage (between an man and woman) and a gay marriage.
Traditions marriages are natural and can produce children naturally. Married couples that cannot concede and gay couples can’t. Do you have any reasons or statement about this? I’ll welcome your comments. Thank you.:slight_smile:

California Prop 8 WAS a (state) constitional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. This issue will have to be heard by the US Supreme Court to finally come to an end. :mad:

Marriage Reality, a site written when it was on the ballot in Canada recently, talks about MANY reasons for gay marriage being wrong:

The strongest arguments against it are in the article Non-Religious Reasons to Oppose Marriage Redefinition:

The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage, written for Prop 8, is a shorter, less thorough, and therefore less convincing argument, but still somewhat effective:

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