Propriety of advertising a fund raiser


I am part of Familia ( a lay apostolate of Regnum Christi - which is under the Legionnaires of Christ - I am from a Polish family and such convoluted relations are normal for me :thumbsup:

Any way, as a team leader for a Familia team, I got an email from our regional coordinator to pass along some invitations for fall gatherings under the email title of “Catholic Connections”.

I checked to see what I was sending along for my own benefit, when I realized that one of the documents a banquet and fund raiser for an RC/LC school. While I wish no harm on them - most of the Familia members don’t send their kids to that school.

Furthermore, it doesn’t seem that all of us could ask for our particular schools’ fund raisers to be broadcast across the city and into another state. Who could or would want to handle that much extra email to ignore.

Truth is that we are sacrificing for our kids and their schools as it is - I am just feeling less than charitable about this mailing.

I guess it is because I struggle in my relationship with regional coordinator - she treats me like a five year old on good days. :frowning:
other days, she treats me like I am ineducable. As a result, if I go to her with my concern, I am pretty certain that she will tell me that I am seeing entirely from the wrong the perspective - yes, she has been a parent at that school, but her kids are in college now.

I don’t wish to leave Familia, I love the materials and my team of moms. We carve out this time to really learn about our faith and the theology of the body. It is just too good to leave.

I contacted my trainer - I love that term - and told her of my angst. I asked her to enlighten me. She is well aware of the problem with our regional coordinator and goes to bat for me all the time. So she will understand why I didnt go directly to the person what sent the email.

Comments - suggestions - therapy?


Well, I have received fundraising letters from nieces and nephews in other states and I can choose to ignore them. I say just go ahead and forward the info about the fundraiser to those in RC/Familia and they can choose to ignore them if they want. Since Legionnarie schools are not parish affiliated, they need support from people all over the world. It’s OK for them to ask for assistance but it’s up to individuals to decide whether they can help or not. And it’s too bad when difficult people in positions of authority make it stressful for others who are trying to do their best in spreading the Faith. I have often felt that life’s biggest obstacles are oftentimes other people. God bless you for the work you are doing in Familia.


Thanks Theresa,
I do know the school could benefit from the fund raiser, but well, it was just that our particular is formed at another private independent Catholic school.

We just let our women know that they could have the information if they wanted it.

I do love Familia and it is wonderful to see the moms getting their souls fed there. I get more than I give, trust me.

Thanks and God bless you!


Hi mamamull!!! :wave:Same experiences here with RC things. I don’t think there’s any harm in passing along the info. I pick and choose things that I want to contribute to, and I’m sure others will too. Usually for RC, I give money to things that can give benefit to the most people (i.e. Challenge Clubs, Conquest Clubs, etc.). Everyone can benefit from those programs, even if they can’t afford the LC schools.

I’ve missed seeing you on the forums!


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