Prosecutor launches probe of Spanish cardinal-designate on hate-crime charges [CWN]


A retired Spanish bishop who was named a cardinal in January is being investigated on charges of “inciting anti-gay hate,” according to Agence France-Presse.Archbishop Fernando …



Can’t speak your mind, nowadays; I guess… We all have to think and believe what the government says we have to.


Christian persecution is on the rise and coming to a city near you.


They said it wasnt a slippery slope. They said gay marriage wouldn’t hurt anyone. They said they wouldn’t expect churches to marry gays…


This is not surprising. Just wonder when it will start here.


From what I read in the article, he didn’t say anything hateful. This amounts to prosecution for a thought-crime. Or, for now, just a prosecution for voicing his opinion. Maybe in the future one might be prosecuted just for having incorrect thoughts.


In an age of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


Probably when the First Amendment is repealed.


The New Inquisition.


It already has. just ask the baker in Colorado sanctioned by the court for not providing a homosexual wedding cake.


Yes, but in many ways we are already on that path without it being repealed.

Watch out for someone with a pen and phone.


Yup. Sad.




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