Proselytizing Preachers! Rebuttal help

Here’s a chance. My wife has basically had enough of this particular faith. I however, for our families own good, can not let it go because I already know how difficult this will be once the cat is out of the bag that we are Catholic.

A friend of mine, starring in the “show”, sent me his latest DVD from the Southwest School of Biblical Studies, a Meccas for Elders/Bishops, Deacons and Preachers in this faith.

I have several friends and family members that are preachers. Frankly I need some help if anybody up for it? But first you have to expose yourself to some excruciating pain…the DVD. I’m exhausted and maybe even too close for muy own good to these people. My wife and I converted a little over a year ago. I’m trying to brush up for defending the Catholic faith from this group since my entire family is deeply over their head in it. I can hide only so long. Sooner or later we will have to visit them and I need to be prepared just in case.

In spite of the seeminly uncharitable complexity of their methods, I do not want to pass over an opportunity to evangelize or basically rebut this with scriptural references. Some of their beleives are basically true but with twists. The man in the DVD is a personal friend of mine that has in essence challenged me by sending me this DVD and several issues of “The Gospel Journal”. This is a unique ecclesial community in that they too believe in Church unity, baptism, works, etc. If you watch to the DVD you’ll get the rest.

I’ve never been on board with his theology of shoving condemnation into other peoples face, even when we were members of the same congregation. My Catholic conscinece kept me from some really bad beliefs, thanks be to God. Some time back they convince me that I’d burn in hell if I didn’t get baptized “properly” as a believer completely submerged under water. My friend is now a “pulpit” minister in different congregation. My wife and I moved away from there many years ago and would rather stick splinter underneath our fingernails before returning to that faith and worse that particular congregation. The funny part is that we were believers in the same faith.

I love acapella music but this particular song will drive you crazy and force you to find the nearest bridge to jump off. The underlying message of the DVD, my friend, is obvious, hear, believe, repent, confess, be baptized [known as the 5 steps of salvation] so that you might be saved.

Comments appreciated.

I’ve not watched yet - it’s too early in my day for torture, LOL! But you might counter by sending your friend some CDs from the Bible Christian Society. Namely, One Church; Apostolic Authority and the Pope; and Sacraments and the Bible; and any others you think might work.

Blessings to you!

Perhaps you might benefit from going to and getting a copy of the Common Ground DVD and Study guide?

I do agree that sometimes it is better for family to step back, focus on what you share and let others do the heavy apologetics work. Send 'em over to the aploogetics board here :slight_smile:

God bless you in your endeavors to rebutt the content on this DVD. Wish I could help, but my rebuttal when I am given such unsolicited things is lighter fluid and a match. :slight_smile:

If you want to post specific content, I and others will certainly be glad to help.

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