Prosperity Gospel and Mary Kay

I’ve been researching Mary Kay since a co-worker of mine is pushing it a lot at work and recruiting others. I found a site called the Pink Truth where ex- Mary Kay people gather to support one another and discuss Mary Kay.

There is a section regarding some of the religious overtones to Mary Kay. One person posted the following Mary Kay affirmation:

Daily Positive Affirmation

(Say this affirmation 10-20 times a day)

I’m GREAT and because I’m GREAT, Awesome,
incredible things are happening to me.
I’m POWERFUL! And because I’m POWERFUL, I
can change everything starting here, starting
now! I have the power to change lives, starting
with mine!

I’m LOVED! And because I’m LOVED women
who want more or need to be touched by the
Mary Kay spirit gravitate to me. New Customers,
New Team Members, and New Positive Friends!

I’m RICH! And because I’m RICH!
Life’s abundance is coming my way! Lot’s of CASH,
FREE Cars, Diamonds, Trips, A New Home and
much, much more, because I DESERVE IT!!!
I’m BLESSED, and because I’m BLESSED, I can do
all things with God who strengthens me.

It sounds like the Prosperity Gospel thinking. What do you all think of this?

Prosperity Gospel. :frowning:

Wow. I used to use a fair bit of their products and always thought it had a whiff of Amway marketing about it but that litany sounds like something from Oprah.

I’ve noticed some almost cultish aspects to the Mary Kay mantra that I hear talked about at work. She is a fill in nurse on my unit, she doesn’t want to work full time at nursing. Some in our unit feel like she just comes to work to recruit new Mary Kay members. One nurse is her avid understudy, and they will jabber on endlessly about Mary Kay at the nurses station. They try to lure me in, but I’m a hard sell.

Anyways, I wanted to get some perspective here. I don’t mind if people want to waste time and money doing this, but according to the Pink Truth website, May Kay isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Actually, it sounds more like ‘prosperity gospel’ on steroids. It’s extremely disturbing, but it the end, it’s just plain sad that anyone would ever believe in it enough to actually say it, especially 10-20 times a day. I have to wonder if they’d ever be willing to get on their knees and pray to God, 10-20 times a day. :shrug:

I also used some of their products when I was young, and almost got sucked into selling the stuff. In retrospect, I’m so glad I never did! :bigyikes:

I would never recite that. Really weird stuff. Now I know why I never liked Mary Kay products even though I was suckered into going to a few of the Mary Kay parties out of friendship.

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