When it comes to prostitiution and women get arrested for it because its illegal, and people say oh that women sinned. Well we dont know their could be someone hiding in the shadows and if she doesnt produce enough money for him he will beat the hell out of that individual. So my question is if something that is morally wrong to people on the outside who have now idea could’nt it be something that is a mere enslavement and is very hard to escpape?

You’re right on the money. Enslavement is more common than one would think, especially with regard to very young prostitutes. I’ve heard of some girls trying to get help from the police, only to be arrested, charged, and turned back over to their pimp. It’s really tragic.

Prostitution is grave matter. Sin requires knowledge and free will, and mortal sin those two things plus grave matter.

We can assert prostitution’s wrongness without making any proclamations on whether or not someone has committed a sin.

Yes it is, trafficking for sex stories seem so many and with so many young female victims.
Tragic it is.


I suspect that is the case for most. If not enslavement to a pimp or madam, enslavement to some sort of addiction.

We should simple declare all illicite sex rape. That way the good women will be believed if they are violated, and the immoral women will not be able to find any men willing to take the risk of punishment to sin with them.

I’m sorry but what does illicit mean?

Not in the bounds of chaste relations in marital, legitimate sex.
ilicite as in “ilicite drugs”

So what if the prostitute is not being forced by the man shes having sex with but if the pimp is forceing her to have sex with someone with threat of somekind of punishment. Could this be considered rape but with a third party individual who is doing the forceing and not the individual who the women is having sex with?

I think you are spending entirely too much time thinking about this. What is the purpose of this thread?

That would be coercion which could reduce or even eliminate the culpability for the sin. The point is we can’t judge the sins of others. Only God knows the state of another person’s soul. Rather than condemning sinners, the goal should be healing them. Of course that requires us to make a decision about whether we are in a place to help that person. Helping Jesus save souls is very hard work.

I hope this helps answers the questions. I believe that many runaways and also foreign girls/ladies are tricked or forced into this way of life. They are offered well paying jobs as maids or they are kidnapped and forced to this. It is a very lucrative market for those who buy and sell these people. All the women get is bad treatment and beatings.

As said before, prostitution is always gravely wrong.The judgement of how much sin was committed must be left to God who knows our hearts.

There is much we can do to help these people. We can pray, donate and fast for the runaways, prostitutes and victims of sex trafficking. There are charities we can support such as Covenant House, Polaris Project, Hope for Justice, Not for Sale, etc.

It is very important to educate and spread awareness on this topic. Many are stuck in this way of life and dont know how to get out.

Plus the only reason this is so common today is, there is SO MUCH demand for it, if there was little to no money to be made in kidnapping and ‘pimping’ out young kids, it just would not be a huge problem.

I think it may be better to address that side of it, rather than trying to stop the industry using law enforcement, why are so many adults demanding this and willing to pay for it? as long as there is a HUGE demand for sex with young kids, this will continue to be a problem, its like trying to cure cancer by putting a bandaid on it.

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