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I’ve never been to a TLM although I’ve always thought that I’d like to attend one some time. I was curious if you do prostrations during the TLM. From what I’ve heard, the western tradition is to do prostrations by lying flat, face down on the ground. Is this correct? If so, does everyone do this or just the priest? What is the main posture of reverence? Eastern Orthodox do prostrations in the “Muslim” style (although we did them first!!!). Do traditional Catholics ever do that?



In the traditional Roman Rite prostrations occure at the begining of the Mass of the Presanctified on Good Friday (before the Deus, qui peccati) and at Ordination Rites. There are probably more liturgies and rites that prostrations occure in at the Traditional Latin Rite…but that is all I can think of.

No, that’s it AFAIK.
Prostration is very rarely seen in Catholic rites, but those places are highly significant.

In the Tridentine Rite, prostrations are on Good Friday and at Ordinations.

In private devotion prostrations are typicaly reserved for curcifixes.

On occasion, I will prostrate myself in a chapel before the tabernacle, but not very often. And I am doing it less, so that I wont cheapen it.

What does TLM mean?


TLM is an abreviation for Traditional Latin Mass (Mass of Pope Saint Pius V). It was how the Mass was celebrated before the Second Vatican Council.

Prostrate all you want, it pleases God. :slight_smile:

Does this mean it would be OK to prostrate myself before the crucifix I have set up in my bedroom?

(My bedroom also has my kneeler, and is my “closet” where I can retire to pray with nobody [except the cats] knowing about it.)

Mulims prostrate “Eastern Christian style.” Muslims use eastern christian prayer ropes, chotki.

When I serve the TL Mass, during the consecration I prostrate(the way muslims do in prayer) when the priest genuflects after consecration of the Body and then the Blood, but when the priest elevates the Host and Chalice, I raise the chasuble, look up and greet our Lord. Pope Pius X encouraged people to look at our Lord during the elevation, sometimes people miss this buetiful moment by bowing their heads low.

What about us Eastern Catholics?? :smiley: Oh yeah, we enjoy prostrating…especially now during the Fast. Good excercise! :cool:

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Aaaahhh, thank you, thank you, thank you! [executes graceful bow] :smiley:

It was celebrated before, during and after the Second Vatican Council. The Novus Ordo did not appear until 1969.


I also appeared in 1969. Only oldies now remember a time before the changes to the liturgy.

Thank you for the correction. However, one must remember that Rome issued “Inter oecumenici” in 1964 and “Tres Abhinc Annos” in 1967, which changed the rite of the Mass significantly. Actually, new missals were produced because of Inter oecumenici and Tres Abhinc Annos, some refer to it incorrectly as the 1965 Roman Missal. So Inter oecumenici and Tres Abhinc Annos made a Half TLM and a Half Novus Ordo. So, therefore, the TLM was celebrated only before and during the Council.

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