Protected - by Evil

There’s bad people in the world- we know that.
And they get away with sinful things…for decades.
You can imagine the person - and the situation -

I have heard - God bides his time.

Do you think some people are -
incredibly enough - are protected by a personal demon ?

You’ve inadvertently indicted Congress…

I wouldn’t doubt that the devil looks after those who he finds useful. Granted, his power is greatly limited.


Anyone who’s followed certain anecdotes in the music industry would probably say, “Fer sure!”

But anyone who looks at the long-term repercussions will realize who wins those trade-offs in the end…

And anyone who really, really, really looks at the big picture knows who the ultimate winning side is when it’s all said and done.

So we do our best with what we have, and try not to get distracted by having too myopic a view of any individual’s success at any moment in time, or try to guess why their path is laid out the way it is… we need to keep ourselves occupied with keeping to our own straight and narrow. :green_heart:

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I would not say they were protected. I would use the words “manipulated,” or “used.”

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The devil has no interest or capability to protect anyone.

If somebody seems to get away with stuff for a long time, it’s more likely that God is giving the person chance after chance to repent.


I think what you say @seagull is possible.
I have a tomato plant I’m nurturing at the moment, feeding it and protecting it from wind and pest, but it’s the fruit I care for not the plant and when the plant is finished giving me fruit I’ll cast it away to rot somewhere out of sight.


That does make some sense…Jesus was offered - 3 temptations.
And there’s no question - Satan would of ‘used him’ -
I have heard of the saying " there’s no loyalty - in a den of thieves "

I think of the five foolish virgins - " our light has gone out - give us of yours "
The other five stood there ground - no !

It’s no wonder Satan is the ultimate liar - no truth at all.


Satan and his demons hate us with an overwhelming, bitter hate. They will never do anything good for anyone unless they can do greater harm in return.

Someone doing the Devil’s will may be temporarily guarded from some kinds of harm so that he may do greater evils for the Devil. But that will not last. In the end all the Devil’s servants are dragged down to Hell.

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I think of Richard Burton in Faust - reading your sentence Zaccheus.

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