Protecting the infallibility of the pope



i would like a description as to what the papal infallibility really is. i know it is used when a pope makes a statement of faith, but does it help them from being unholy? for example, one pope admitted to have fathered several children, but reamained pope…does this contradict his infallibility?



Papal Infallibility is a special “charism” that prevents a Pope from error when he is defining a dogma of faith or morals that all Catholics are bound to accept. This is something that rarely happens.

Papal Infallibility doesn’t prevent the Pope from sinning, or even from teaching error outside of the conditions mentioned above.

The dogma of Papal Infallibility was defined at the first Vatican Council. If you do a google search, you can probably locate the actual wording that explains when a Pope is protected by Infallibility.


Ditto what Pax said, plus:



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