Protection from evil in dreams


For years I had nighmares. One day i said a prayer to God to protect me. And I still have nightmares sometimes but some of them are very weird. I don’t know if i am protected or is it all in my head.
I had a dream about where I was in town and it seemed like everybody was going mad and i got knocked to the ground by something and i tried to get back up but b4 i was going to get back up this black guy comes over with a gun and was just about to shoot me and all of a sudden he stops and i couldn’t move or talk and i am getting pulled down this tunnel beside him and he just stands there confused as if where i am going.
Then in this other dream I was spinning the air in my room and the sheets were over me and i opened my eyes i noticed a very bad presence at my door. The room was dark and there was a man standing in my doorway looking at me spinning and i thought he was going to scare me so then i decided to scared him back and i was trying to pull the sheets off me and then i couldn’t move at all but just close my eyes and i woke up.


That sounds scary.

I usually pray right before I go to sleep and I have really great dreams.


ask your guardian angel to send you good dreams and protect from bad ones!


For several months now I have nightmares almost every night. I really don’t know what to do about it! :frowning:


Sprinkle your bed with Holy Water, before you retire for the night; and keep a small crucifix under your pillow. The nightmares will decrease, I guarantee. They may not go away, completely… but they will decrease.

Also… place yourself under the care and protection of Our Lady. The enemy will think twice, about coming between a sleeping child (you) and it’s Mother.

God bless you.


this sounds really stupid, but every since i was a kid i’ve said the same prayer that i made up every night before i go to bed. The only time i ever have nightmares (to this day) is when i forget to say the prayer. i don’t know if it’s psycosematic or if God is listening, but here it it (remember i was six or seven years old, so please don’t laugh):

lord jesus, please don’t let us have any bad dreams or nightmares, thank you for everything, and please let everything be ok. (and sometimes i add to the end: please bless everybody)

if this actually helps someone else, i will probably laugh my scapula off:D


Hm, I usually wear a Miraculous Medal around the neck and I ALWAYS have a rosary in bed with me. Most nights I also pray a decade ot two in bed. Still no change. :frowning: They even got worse.


“Xandria” Aw, I’m sorry. Have you tried using Holy Water? It helped me, with bad dreams. I had heard somewhere, that Holy Water is a great deterrent to the evil one. Not to suggest that the Miraculous Medal and Rosary arent. But, maybe the Holy Water would help you.

There is something in Sacred Scripture that speaks of different types of demons… that can be “driven out” by different means. Fasting, etc. So… maybe all you need to do now is use some Holy Water. Just a thought.

God bless you, dear soul.


Thank you! In my parish there is only the font with about 1/2 inch of Holy Water to dip the finger in, as far as I can see. I should ask the priest to give me some.


I have gotten Holy Water a week ago and sprinkle a little of it on my bed before going to sleep. I haven’t had a nightmare since then! Amazing! Thank you so much for suggesting it, MarieVeronica.

Since it helps so much, do you think these nightmares were caused by evil?


you’re nt alone…

i noticed i had nightmares when i ate right before bed (even if i did the rosary)… so i stopped & now i don’t have any… or haven’t in several nights…

they were about the worst possbile dreams i could have imagined… and very odd because i had NOT had any in SO long and then, all of the sudden…

…so real i thought that maybe something bad had happened somewhere w/ someone i love… or some other weird thing… :eek: but probably not…



and thanks for the reminder about Holy water…

actually the dreams may not have been caused by evil…

eating before bedtime can cause weird dreams… but evil dreams… i dont know… i wonder about that…

they say dreams are a way of the brain trying to figure something out, figure out some complex problem the person has that s/he can’t solve…

eating b4 bed probably stimulates the brain too much… but why would it stimulate the brain to produce EVIL dreams??? :confused:as opposed to just weird dreams… or what have you…

hmmmm… :hmmm::coffeeread:


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