Protection in annulment filing


Do all documents for an annulment case have to be shown to the other party? Wha if someone got the information in a way that they are not proud of and probably not ethical/maybe not legal? That said, the information is what pretty much proves that the marriage was not valid.


Unless things have changed since I was a sponsor, most documents may be kept confidential on the request of the person giving the statements. My experience is a few years old, but pretty much anyone involved could demand that his testimonial paperwork be protected.

You can contact your tribunal for clarification. They will be happy to give you whatever information you want.


Good luck Gambino! I know your situation and I feel bad for you.


Having followed your story from the beginning, I just want to say that I am very glad you have reached the point that you are taking this step, gambino.

I don’t know if they can make some of your evidence private. I would ask. Even if that is not possible, I would still proceed. I believe you do have a very strong case, and I also suspect that your ex will either not participate or will give her testimony to ensure that you move on with your life. I seriously doubt she will take the time or effort to go in person to read the testimony. She just does not sound like that is where she is in this whole thing.

Don’t let fear stop you though; you are doing great.


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