Protest this evil movie: "Redacted"

The movie “Redacted”, directed by Brian De Palma, is about the rape and murder of a 14 year old Iraqi girl by American soldiers. It is based on a true event.

Now, in real life the men who committed this heinous crime are in prison for life. So why in the world does there need to be a movie made about it? Its just a snuff film that Jihadists will use for propaganda against our troops.

De Palma is a sicko and his movie is just a bunch of money-grubbing selfishness. It will put our troops in danger and thus it should be boycotted.

I think that a lot depends on how this is covered in the movie. Does the director show other soldiers who are not engaged in such activities? Does he make it clear that this is not a typical occurence among American military?

It is a true story and sadly horrible acts do occure during war. But there is a difference between a military structure that encourages rape as a tactic to demoralize the population and rare acts-no matter how horrible- that are not encouraged or tolerated.

I am not against telling this story, I just want it done fairly and I don’t know enough about this particular film to judge.

I think its a mistake to go around boycotting everything we happen to disagree with. When the Da Vinci Code came out and there were protests I thought they were justified due to the historically dishonest nature of the film. With the movie you bring up its not so clear that it is going to be full of deliberate factual distortions; it sounds more like its going to cover an unfortunate event from a perspective many of us (myself included) would probably take issue with. But we can’t go out and encourage that every viewpoint we don’t like or criticism of our position be stifled.

The rape and murder of this Iraqi girl by U.S. troops is something that actually happened, a person has a right to point that out in the medium of film and offer their own perspective no matter how objectionable we might find that perspective to be. For a long time I’ve wanted to serve in our nation’s armed forces upon my graduation. That may very well happen. I have nothing but the deepest respect for the men and women who choose to serve in the military, especially now as so many of them are guaranteed to end up in a combat zone in Iraq or Afghanistan. That being said, my respect for our military and the fact that I like to express that respect to others doesn’t give me the right to say that those who don’t share my worldview shouldn’t also be heard.

As for the possibility of this being used as propaganda to hurt our troops, my opinion on that is that the jihadists are going to make propaganda anyway, they don’t need our help. There’s plenty of material already available to them-they could take a televised speech from our president, doctor it as they see fit, and put it in a video to recruit more jihadists. I don’t know if they actually do this, my point is they wouldn’t need to, they’re already having plenty of success in recruiting and the contribution of some Brian de Palma film to global jihad will most likely be negligible.

I won’t be seeing it. Of course, I’m pretty sure I won’t be seeing much else that comes out of Hollywood, either. Maybe the Bee Movie, but I highly doubt it.

Brian de Palma has a track record for making disturbing films of gore, violence, and depravity.

Body Double is the first that comes to mind, and the fact that it’s one of Patrick Bateman’s favorite films means I won’t be watching it.

There is some redeeming value to Scarface in that it depicts the plight of Cubans after the fiasco of the Mariel boatlift.

But the sense I get from de Palma’s work is a sick fascination with evil – not with social commentary or cautionary tales.

Witness the great number of references in so-called “gangsta rap” to Scarface – and even a dedication on the special edition DVD from contemporary rappers who were influenced by it.

Not the reputation I’d want as a filmmaker.

I don’t think it’s evil. It opens people’s eyes to what really happens in this world.:):(:):frowning:

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