Protestant belief on final judgement

Is it true that all protestants do not believe that the dead are 'already wherever they’re going’. They believe that the dead sleep until the Final Judgment, when their fates will be decided by God? Do* all* Protestant denominations share this same view? I was recently told by a protestant they do. Just seeing if they have any idea what they are talking about, because I don’t know. I am curious too.

I don’t think ALL protestant churches have this view. I’d like to hear from the guy you talked to why he thinks all protestants share this view.

For the record: I share this view too, but I don’t think all protestants do.

no all protestants don’t have the same view on final judgment.

Thanks for the replies!

Can you offer me some examples of those that do not share this view? I will ask him, as you suggested, to give a reason for this belief of his that all do share it.

I think this is in fact very much a minority view among Protestants. Someone correct me if I am mistaken, but it sounds like a Seventh-Day Adventist belief.

I think the soul sleeper idea is 7th day and something similar in J.W as well.

I’ve yet to learn any doctrine that all Protestants believe in.

That is my understanding too… that it is mostly SDA and JWs (Whom I wouldn’t call protestant by the way)

I’ve yet to learn any doctrine that all Protestants believe in.

Try The Nicene Creed. :smiley:

but we can start a new thread if you wanna discuss that.

Most yes, but I’ve known and read about so many variations of “protestants” beliefs. Including but not limited to Christ not really being resurrected that I don’t assume any idea is universally accepted.

Sorry, but if they are that far from the basics of Christianity, I have a tough time accepting them as “Protestants” … or even Christians! :eek:

I here you and on that particular point I agree. Given the many variations that are acceptable where are the lines drawn? and who gets to draw them is not about to get 100% agreement.

If one persons has a strange religious idea he is a heretic.

If if it 200 people they are a cult.

if its 1,000,000 people its a denomination.

if its 1,000,000,000 people its a religion.

SOoo, if a million people announce that Jesus existed but that he was a purple toad and saved people by making them wear tvs inside of hats… they would be considered a Christian Protestant Denomination? umm no.

If 1,000,000 people supported the idea there are probably a few million more with ideas that are not too far from it. As we see in many religious sects they agree on many points and differ on others.
terms like Christian and Protestant are used to put groups of similar though not the same idea together. What makes someone in or out of the group is mostly decided by other large groups. The lack of a strong central authority means mob rule more or less. If enough (>50-75%) people claiming to be protestant believe Christ was a purple toad that would be a protestant belief.

:shrug: You have a really weird definition of Protestant.

My point is that it is a title assigned to a group with not a whole lot to ensure they are all that alike. They claim to believe in the Bible, but I’ve known several who deny most of the words written. It is many different belief systems lumped into one.

I could say I was a CatholicPriestess. I could get lots of people to say it too. Wouldn’t make the title correct.

ah, but if most of the people agreed with you the title would be yours.

Their is a political thought process called “progressive” I don’t see their ideas as promoting progress at all, but they have control of the title.

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