Protestant Bible in the house

Is it a sin to even have a Protestant Bible in your home? In this examination of conscience it says that it is even a mortal sin. I have one in my house but I’m not really sure what to do with it and I feel like I shouldn’t just throw it away. Is it possible that this is not the best examination of conscience to use?

Also, does anyone have another good examination of conscience that splits sins into mortal and venial. Thanks!

Stay away from that site. Its contents are not faithful to the Magisterium and have plenty negative to say about the Mass in Ordinary Form and Vatican ll.

Although it doesn’t give a separate list for venial vs mortal sins, try this for an accurate Examination of Conscience:

Why would this be a sin? A protestant bible a basically an incomplete bible. Incomplete in this case does not mean sinful.

I gave my protestant bible to a protestant friend a couple years back. If it really bothers you so much, you could do the same.

I use two bibles:

Revised Standard Version (Catholic Edition)

and an English Standard Version.

I primarily use the ESV bible because its well made, has a concordance and actually has a better translation (overall). Yet both are very similar.

The Church certainly doesnt charge sin against people containing and using legitimate bible translations. It may not have officially approved of some, and it certainly doesnt endorse many footnotes in many bibles.

I have several different copies of the Bible, some from my days as an Anglican, including a beautifully bound King James Version. Others are different American and British versions of Catholic Bibles. Having several versions is paticularly useful as some have notes which aren’t in others and it’s interesting to look at how different versions use differing vocabulary.

Many versions now are worked on by ecumenical boards anyway so I wouldn’t worry about it. Just take care with any misleading foot notes or comments that may be lurking about.

I am not sure why this cardinal would approve of that statement in a formal manner such as an imprimatur document. This statement also is bordering on heresy…


  1. Have I denied the necessity of God’s help to attain my salvation, believing that** I could win heaven by my own efforts alone**?

Important note… This does NOT have a Nihil Obstat, which I think carries more authority on approving the moral content of the literature.

Have you thought about this logically?

I have on my shelf right now, a “protestant” bible, a Koran, a Book of Mormon, and the like. How could I evangelize the sharp dressed Mormons who knock on my door if I have no idea what they believe?

Have you read the resource which has the imprimatur of a Catholic Cardinal?

Here it is…


  1. Have I, without the necessary permis*sion, **read or kept **or given to others forbidden books, such as Protestant Bibles, books on the Index of Prohibited Publications, books that pretend or profess to disprove the truth of the Catholic faith or that profess to prove the truth of a religion contrary to my faith?

Is there even a prohibited books list anymore? I thought that went with Paul VI?

You are correct.

Just stay away from the footnotes

I was not aware of that.

I still am not aware of that.

This is another examination of conscience that I use, is this one okay?

I use these two versions as well. I also have both of my Grandmother’s old KJV bibles. It would never have crossed my mind that having bibles in the house would be sinful.

He especially shouldn’t read any Scofield Reference Bibles unless he wants to learn a lot about the Rapture. :wink:

I know of no law which forbids having a Protestant Bible in your house. It used to be a sin because the Church forbade the possession of dangerous books. Depending on whether the translation is misleading or not, and your reason for reading it, it could be a sin to read it as it might damage your faith. If it is an heretical translation you should also be very careful who you give the Bible to and who you allow to read it.

I wouldn’t know about sinful, but I wouldn’t use a Protestant Bible as my primary one. I inherited many of them since I am descended from Southern Baptist grandmother, and a Lutheran father. I am just waiting for someone to tell me that it is sinful for me to have my Dad’s Baptism certificate. (St Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, I think June of 1961, Davenport, Iowa).

Oh, this one might make Rev. Donald F. Miller and Joseph E. Ritter roll over…

I bring my ESV compact Bible to Mass :wink:

P.S. I also use alot! But my primary translation is the RSV-Catholic Edition. I find the ESV to be the protestant version of the RSV-CE.

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