Protestant bible?

Hello! Easter is almost here, and the easter vigil! which means I will be welcomed into the church in only a few more days!! Here is my question:

I am the owner of a protestant bible. It was my bible for the last 5 years when I became a christian in the assemblies of God church, however, I am not sure if I want to keep it anymore. I have a catholic bible now, and it is complete. The protestant bible isn’t. I don’t want to give it away and then lead someone to think that THIS is full scripture, but I feel it is wrong to just destroy it. What should I do?

if the translation is otherwise a good one, it does not contain footnotes that contradict Catholic teaching (or you can ignore the notes) and it is one that aids you in devotion it is fine to keep it, as long as you also have a good Catholic Bible with the entire canon of scripture.

it did have some teachings that weren’t good, including some praises of Martin Luther in it. I blackened them with a sharpie when I started to convert. :slight_smile:

I am also a convert from the Assemblies of God. I also still have my protestant bible from 18years ago when I was protestant. It was this protestant bible that led me to become Catholic so I really dont see an issue with keeping it. I can still look back at stuff I had underlined and remember why I became Catholic. I personally would never buy another one though.:thumbsup:

if you like your old bible, for instance you like the language of the psalms, or you know how to find your favorite verses, and if using it aids you in prayer, by all means keep it, especially if it has special meaning for you, as a gift from a loved one perhaps.

I have a KJV (19th century), an authorized version from the 1930s, an NIV and a couple of other Protestant bibles (including at least one with deutero-canonical books). I don’t think any person in an English speaking country can be considered well educated and literate that does not have at least a nodding aquaintance with the KJV it is so much apart of our literature, laws, history, political rhetoric etc.

Keep it. It’s very useful for discussion with Protestants. Many of them will refuse to listen to a Catholic translation because they think it is evil. But if you quote verses from NASB or KJV or NIV, they will be more likely to listen.

Like someone else above, I was led into the Catholic Church through my knowledge of the PROTESTANT Bible. The Catholic Church made so many things in that Bible clear to me. So the Protestant Bible isn’t evil, just incomplete.

you will find it very useful, as you study more and get more into scripture from the Catholic perspective, to compare the Catholic translation with your old bible, see the similarities and differences, see how subtle changes in the wording affect the meaning. By all means keep it, it is also a link with your past, and with good people who, however misguided in some areas they may be, were instrumental in helping you on your journey closer to Christ.

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