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What should I do with all those Protestant Bibles?? We’ve been having our house cleaned for moving and have found various Bibles and other religious material aren’t exactly Catholic. Most seem destined to be thrown away but I feel uneasy about throwing Bibles away.


Read them:shrug: Actually you can give them to a protestant church.:thumbsup:


There probably isn’t anything wrong with the so-called “Protestant” Bibles. They are merely a different interpretation at times. They read similarly, and in some instances, exactly the same. For example, the Revised Standard Version is the same in Catholic and Protestant versions. The difference is that the Catholic edition includes the deterocanonical books.


The thing is, I already have a Bible. Some of the ones we’ve found were somewhat damaged so someone put them in the throw-away pile and well it made me uneasy, should I just let them be thrown away?? I have kept about 4 other Protestant Bibles, but I don’t really read them since I have my other Catholic Bible.


Donate them to the nearest Church. Or better yet to the nearest homeless shelter.


keep the one(s) that have been most helpful to you in your private devotions, and where you know “where to find stuff”. Keep the one with important family dates recorded, or that has strong family association, grandpa’s bible etc. The rest give to Salvation Army or Goodwill, they will give them good homes.


Actually,there are a few differences between the RSV and the RSV - Catholic Edition, chiefly in those few sections which the Church has authoritatively taught an interpretation for the verses.

The big difference can be in the notes, not the text. Protestant dispensation theology was first enunciated in notes to the Bible, for instance. “Liberal” notes will tell you that the sin of Sodom had nothing to do with homosexual activity, and concerned only offenses against hospitality. Some editions have rather nasty notes vis-a-vis the Church. So, watch the notes.




A church, a homeless shelter, a rescue mission…There are all kinds of places like this, working on a very tight budget. They will find someplace for any Bible you give them…

A couple of years ago, a lot of older Bibles that I had, went to a Quaker lady, whose sister belongs to my church. There is a Quaker school overseas somewhere in Africa, that desperately needed Bibles, & we all went through our houses, & sorted out Bibles we wouldn’t be using, & passed them along. The Quakers got them there…One of those countries with so many civil wars, etc, & the people wanted Bibles–(in English, I assume it was a former British colony?).
This kind of thing is going on a lot, & I should think that a few phone callls would find you a place for them.
And if all else fails, take them to your local public library. They will sell them for a quarter & put the money toward operating expenses. Or just put them on the free shelf for people to take…(I actually picked up a Bible myself that way once; it was an older translation that isn’t published any more, & I paid 50 cents for a nice Bible).


Got another question, would it be a sin to throw away a Bible or anything that talks about God? There’s a BIG pile of paper/books/magazines that seem destined for the trash and I believe there’s at least one Bible among there. I wanted to look through the pile but there’s just so much. Should I keep looking for it ?? I asked my mother and she said she didn’t throw any Catholic Bibles away. I don’t know what happened to other Bibles that may have been here but it’s really starting to bother me.:frowning:


If its not a Bible, just toss it.
Any Bibles, I would find a home for. And don’t beat yourself up over anything that may or may not have been thrownout by someone else.
You are doing good, to try to do the best with these things, & I commend you for it!!:thumbsup:


I remeber seeing somethig that resembled a Bible and I thought about keeping it but then didnt. I don’t think I’ve found it yet


Don’t ever throw out bibles. Whether they contain the deuterocanonical books or not. If you have enough bibles and don’t need them, give them away. There are plenty of people in the country that don’t have a copy of scripture.

Or use 'em for other stuff. Keep one at work. Keep one in your car.

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