Protestant big guns on these forums


Who are the one’s that hold their own and are able to do it charitably on these forums?


Contarini comes to mind.


What is the purpose or why are you asking this question? IMHO, people seek power whether from a debate or some other satisfaction more often than not. IMHO, I see this strikingly in the Eastern Orthodox forum. Debate for the sake of drawing attention more to oneself.

If your question is who is the most understandable non-catholic, that I understand. If hold your own means “debate”, go to the Eastern Orthodox forum and enjoy!


What do you want?


I stay away from there altogether! It only took me wandering in on a few conversations early on, me and my naive self, well, I was put in my place real fast! :tissues:

I’ll stay where the love is! :heart:


The question was about Protestants. Contrarini is the only example of a protestant who comes close.



[size=4][/size]What am liver???


I guess they told you!:stuck_out_tongue:


Hang in there, Zooey.


I thought you had more sense.



Seems that there are a lot of protestant pop-guns our there, but no big guns that I’ve seen. It seems that the dissenting Catholics do more harm here.


Not at all - just practically Catholic :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


If everyone responded with your charity Zooey, it would be a better world, and your more Catholic than some Catholics I know, just like TraditionalAng.:console:


Do you want names and addresses?:stuck_out_tongue:


I thought dissenting Catholics were protestant.:confused:



I don’t know if you’d consider me a “big gun” or not. I have a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary but I’ve never been a professional churchman, and my purpose for registering here was to learn more about Catholicism (a faith which I held, more of less, until I was 20 years old), not to argue or “bash” (I was on the receiving end of the bashing for too long myself…).

Besides, I stink at debating and really don’t have time to get involved in long discussions. If I can give an answer without a lot of research or back-and-forth stuff, or make a contribution to a subject which is of mutual interest, I will, but I’m primarily here to see what y’all have to say.

Yours because His,


It is in the mind of the beholder who is a dissenting Catholic and who isn’t. :wink:


I’m not a dissenting Catholic.


Well…I am big (ie could stand to lose a few pounds) does that count :smiley:

Rev North


I see a couple of them on this thread - their posts are always done with great charity and knowledge (and with a little humor, too!)

Plus, they’re not banned! :smiley:

Thanks for posting, our protestant friends! (you know who you are!)

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