Protestant blessing of sacramentals

Is it ok for a Protestant Pastor or minister who agrees with the Catholic church to bless sacramentals?

If they are Sacramentals of the Catholic Church, they should be blessed by a Catholic Priest or Catholic Deacon.

To what advantage?

Sure they could but why would you want them to? Blessing them yourself would have a better effect in my mind since you’re a member of Church Christ Himself founded.

Well, I asked because I was ordained a Pastor in the Protestant Church, But I am now Catholic… So, I was just wondering would my blessings on sacramentals be valid since I am Catholic…

It is my understanding that The blessing of the elements comes from the authority of Christ through his Apostles through his Church. As such it in not appropriate for lay people to bless the elements because they would not then carry the blessing of the Church as the lay people cannot say the transubstantition.

God Bless

Some churches have sacramentals, some don’t.

You should probably talk to your bishop if you want a better answer than this, but fwiw the way I view it is not that you are a minister, but that you were a minister.

Most Episcopal priests wouldn’t have a problem with it and would be glad to bless items such as rosaries, medals, and other such items.

Blessings like you describe are really a part of the priestly office. When father blesses our candles or our crucifixes he puts on his stole (a priestly garment) and reads the appropriate blessing from the book while sprinkling holy water. It’s definitely not a layman’s territory. So since you are (and always have been, to my understanding) a layman, it’s a no-go. But what a small loss compared to what you’ve gained, right?

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