Protestant Brothers with good hearts

I was fortunate enough to be able to meet with some Methodist and Lutherans at a hot meal dinner for the poor. They treated the needy with lot’s of care and love. They didn’t take away their dignity but gave to them hope and joy. :thumbsup::thumbsup: Brothers and Sisters in Christ.


At this hot meal dinner at a nearby Salvation Army they had music playing while people ate. It wasn’t Christian tunes this time but Jazz. The homeless loved it. A few men were up and clapping to the beat really enjoying it. The big hit of that night was the rendition of soul music played and sung by three black volunteers. They were actually good despite the poor quality of the speakers. I would love to see this type of care and interest be given to our poor we serve. :yukonjoe::hey_bud::juggle:

Thanks, WilT, that’s good to here. Caring for the least of His children should be a unifying intention of all who claim His name.


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