Protestant Church submits and becomes mosque, pastor denies Christ

In rural North Carolina!

I’m not sure that qualifies as news. A former Pentecostal church was converted to a mosque. I’m assuming it was bought for the purpose. The pastors simply took part in the ceremony that converted it into a mosque. I’m guess we have something similar when dedicating a church. People that attend aren’t converted to Catholicism. Why would this be different?

This is anti-Muslim propaganda.

Possible proof that the cross breaking is growing…?

I don’t know what the cross breaking refers to.

It was a church that was no longer being used so (I assume) it was bought and converted to a Mosque. Local religious leaders welcomed them. It’s all appropriate from my perspective.

I’m actually more surprised that a Pentecostal Church would have a cross on it. I thought they were against that sort of thing (just a bit of ignorance on my part).

Yeah, from the article, I don’t think the building was being actively used as a parish anymore. It sounds like there was no congregation.

It’s really no different than if the building had been sold to 7/11.

Propaganda? So you don’t think Christianity is fading away, and Islam is a problem? Denial seems to be very common around here.

Looks like the headline of both this thread and the article are grossly misleading. The church building in question had been unused for some time. The Muslim congregation that bought the building took the crosses off of it and offered to give them back to local Christian congregations as a sign of respect rather than just junking them. If anything this is a very nice article about interfaith relations on the part of both the Muslim congregation and the Christian congregations involved :thumbsup:

As for the pastor in question, he simply stated that he’s prayed with Muslims at an interfaith service to God and that Islam is one of the Abrahamic religion. Don’t see anything nefarious or untrue respectively about that. This piece is nothing but Muslim paranoia fodder. :rolleyes:

Here’s a more even article from a real news source describing the event.

That’s a long walk from a vacant building to ‘Christianity is fading away’.

I’ll take a flock that needs to be reminded of and re-educated about the truth in Christ (from which buildings have to close and be sold), over the flock being slaughtered any day.

If the Church Jesus founded was going to fade, it was during it’s infancy when death was the law.

Blood of the martyrs being the seed of the Church is not just a saying.

Thank you.

Pope St. John Paul worked for twenty years trying to improve relations with Islam.
Official Catholic dogma is that Christians and Moslems worship the same God.

the article admits that the building in question had not been used for some time and that it was sold for $230,000.

I don’t think that at all. Christianity won’t fade away, Christ promised it. I don’t see Islam as a problem.

As far as it being propaganda:

propaganda - information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

It isn’t ‘cross breaking’ when the cross is handed over along with a check for a quarter-million dollars for the property…we aren’t talking the Sack of Constantinople here.

I agree!!! The gates of hell shall not prevail

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