Protestant commentaries on Old Testament which are least objectionable


I have been searching for older bible commentaries which are in the public domain and therefore, free. I have found some excellent catholic commentaries on the New Testament, but no catholic Old Testament commentaries, except for Haydoc, which I find is too intent on supporting catholic doctrine with little focus on historical or lexical discussion.

I have found a lot of Protestant Old Testament commentaries and would like any input people can give on the following commentaries.

Exppsitor’s bible ( I find this has minimum negative comments on Catholicism and provides interesting discussions)

Cambridge bible

Jamieson, fausset,brown

Bible study textbook

Historical bible

Bibical commentary

International critical commentary

Biblical commentary Keil &Delitzsch

Any input you can give me on any of these commentaries will be appreciated.


I’ve used Keil and Delitzsch quite a bit. It’s by two 19th century Lutheran pastors / scholars, and is very detailed. Of course, it’s from a Lutheran perspective, but there’s nothing too objectionable in it, and it’s quite orthodox. I’d recommend it. :thumbsup:


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