Protestant Counterpart to Catholic Answers


Does anyone know of a protestant counterpart to the Catholic Answers Forums? I would be interested to see if they argue as much as we do.


Do you realize how much division there is within protestantism? They probably would be arguing alot more. :stuck_out_tongue:


You might want to try the forums section of


If we are allowed to give links to other religious websites, here are two:

If it is against the Board rules to post these, moderators please delete and I apologize. I’ve seen others post links to sites, and so I assume that it’s ok.

Both sites are filled with all kinds of arguments! The first is a strictly Protestant site, although a few brave Catholics continue to post. It is against the rules on this Board to post anything about Church doctrine; you are only allowed to post stuff from the Bible.

I left this site months ago after a poster became violent in his posts and scared me–so far, that hasn’t happened yet on CAF! My husband still posts on family life under two aliases, one his normal intelligent self and the other a goofy country cousin who always asks the most uncomfortable questions to the Protestants! (My husband, like me, is an ex-Protestant.)

The major problem I have with family life is that if there is an altercation, the Board reserves the right to bring in a mediator–AT THE EXPENSE OF THE BOARD MEMBERS INVOLVED IN THE ALTERCATION! The cost of the mediator is around $150.00 per hour. I personally don’t think it’s worth risking my family’s money for such a foolish thing. So please be careful!

The second site includes all denominations and religions, but the dominant religions seems to be “self.” The name of the second site above is actually kind of pathetic, IMO. Heaven help you if you disagree with certain people on that Board.

So yes, there are arguments on Protestant Boards. And on many Protestant Boards, if you don’t agree, you are banned.

So I really appreciate the good moderating on CAF!


Thanks guys. I checked out the sites you recommended. Boy, am I glad I’m Catholic…You talk about a thousand voices going in different directions. We may disagree on some things, but what a comfort to know we’re part of the one true faith.

#6 is the most civilized Protestant one that I’ve ever come across. I haven’t posted there in a really long time, though.


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