Protestant Crowning Ceremony


Ask an Apologist has a question about attending a Protestant Crowning Ceremony.

I’ve never heard of this before.

Does anyone know what one is?


I too would like to know about this - 18 years as a Protestant and I never heard of it before. At first I thought they were holding a May Crowning!


The only thing I could think of was a May Crowning (a Catholic thing), so I did a quick google search and the only other thing I could come up with was a ceremony done by Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church.

If you find out what it is, please share it with us; I sure am curious.


Never, ever heard of it.

I’ve heard of various Protestant organizations for men that try to imitate the “knights.” The father is the “King” and the sons are the “Knights.” I’m serious about this.

(I think this is pretty funny because I think ?? that the knights were all Catholic, weren’t they?)

I’ve also heard of Father-Daughter organizations in which the father protects his “princess” (mainly from losing her virginity outside of marriage).

So I wonder if the “crowning” has something to do with recognizing a daughter as a “princess of Jesus” or something like that?

But just guessing. I read several Protestant magazines and visit several forums, but I’ve never heard of this.


I have Protestant family members and friends. They never heard of this either.


Until a month ago I was a Protestant, and I have been a member of many differnt denominations. I have never heard of a Crowning ceremony.


Forty years of going to church three times a week, nine years of pastoring, degrees from three seminaries, and I’ve never heard of it.

Sounds like something out of a dental office to me.


The only crowning I am familiar with in relation to Christianity is the use of the crowns in an Orthodox wedding, but I would not have expected a Catholic to describe something Orthodox as Protestant, and it doesn’t appear that this is in conjunction with a wedding from reading the post. I have never encountered any such in the Episcopal, Baptist or Presbyterian churches, nor the Assembly of God or other Evangelical or charismatic ceremonies.

Could it possibly relate to the crowning described in this discussion of the quincenera, an Hispanic custom of celebrating the daughter’s fifteenth birthday?
I can see that that might be part of a religious celebration specific to an Hispanic Protestant Church?


Now I am really curious. It would help if we knew more about where the OP lived.

I found a link to a Miss Christian pageant in Georgia, though I doubt it is something like that if she is likening it to a First Communion.

I know that there are very conservative Protestant sects who advocate women and girls wearing headcoverings–could it be a ceremony in which a girl receives something like that as a mark of womanhood? Not sure as many of those also practice headcoverings for little girls, but there might be something that signals a switch to womanhood.

I still think it’s more likely related to the quinceanera I mentioned before’s.htm
"This mass is filled with symbolic meanings. During the offertory, the girl receives a sacred medal of her saint, a birthstone ring, a crown and flowers.

The sacred medal symbolizes her religious expression of faith. The Quinceañera is placed under the protection of the saint represented by the image on the medal. The ring represents the ties and the responsibility the young lady has to her community. These two pieces of jewelry are the girl’s first adult jewelry , constant reminders that she is a child no longer. The crown symbolizes her victory in trying to live a Christian life in spite of all the problems and challenges of her environment. The flowers represent the new commitment she makes to responsibility in her community. "

I had thought it was primarily a Catholic thing, but with the large number of Hispanics converting to Protestant Evangelical churches (if the immigrants in our area are anything to go by), the practice may well now be part of that tradition as well.


I never heard of such a thing…

Google turned this up for me…

They have “Crowning Ceremonies” apparently some sort of self esteem booster?


Evidently the Assembly of God church now does something along these lines (they weren’t when I was there, but that has been 15+ years). I posted the question on a board that I frequent for homeschooling that includes folks of a wide variety of religious bents. Here’s the answer I received:

"I belong to an Assembly of God church. We have a program for girls which starts at kindergarten age. Once a girl reaches grades 3-5 they are in a program called Stars. The Stars club is a badge award program. If a girl earns 27 badges within those three years, and meets “honor” badge requirements (lots of Bible memorization) then she gets to be an Honor Star.

During the Honor Star ceremony, we present the girl in front of the congregration and give her a small crown. Honor Stars are making a commitment before the church that they will uphold to the best of their ablility the fundamentals that have been taught to them. The Stars club theme is loyality and purity. Basically, the girls are given a charge as they enter this next phase of their life.

I have been to several ceremonies and its always a great time to see girls take another step towards what they believe in. My daughter is 1/3 of a way towards earning her Honor star."

It’s part of their Missionettes program for girls


Wow KarenNC! You Rock.:thumbsup:


You’re welcome. The homeschool community has a ton of folks who belong to conservative Evangelical Protestant churches, so I figured someone there would have heard of this. I received 9 responses that it was this program, so I would say it’s a safe bet.

BTW, I may well be incorrect in saying that the AoG didn’t have the Missionettes when I was there 15+ years ago. I was in college at the time and it was primarily my family that attended during the school year as I was away, so it may well simply have been something that I didn’t encounter or that the church I was in was too small to have enough kids to do this program.



I always love you posts. You almost make me wish I was a neo-pagan unitarian universalist.:wink:


LOL I’m a Missionettes leader and the Stars graduation never even crossed my mind! But then I only teach Daisies (the Kindergarten aged girls) My Daughter just got her Honor Daisy title. Honor Daisy doesn’t have a crown just a special badge and a backpack tag.

(I must have missed Karens post when I posted up earlier…)

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