Protestant error #2..

Once again the Protestant church makes a error on the Catholic Church saying we worship idols in the video below

I don’t know if this pastor realizes, but he also has so called " idols " which are those stained glass windows and that golden cross on there altar. So if we as Catholics arnt suppose to have idols, why does this man think he has the right to also have art? The bible can even be a idol which the Protestants only have trust in, but the Catholic Church written the Bible.

I guess if this Pastor can break statues, he shall also break the stained glass windows in the back and the gold cross.

What is your opinion on this video? God Bless

You shouldn’t Lump all non-Catholic Churches together. Evidentially this church is one with Calvinist or Zwingliist leanings.

Well, for one there is no such thing as the “Protestant church.” There are many Protestant churches.

About the video, I think it is needlessly provocative. If he disagreed with Catholic beliefs on Mary, he could at least have represented their beliefs correctly. Instead, he just bought into stereotypes that they “worship” Mary and bow down to statues.

This man not only is ignorant about Catholic teaching,He also does not know that IS NOT a statue of our Blessed Mother.

Many protestants come from weak catholicism, they have had a break and they discover Christianity by the mean of *Sola Gratia * or a motto such agreable as that. They hate so much their non-practising era so they don’t remind attack barbarianly their “catholic” (ill and poor catholic) past (evidence they are still half-pagans). This is my history.

Exactly that is St Terese of Lisiuex

Quote from Bishop Fulton Sheen " Only about 100 people really hate the Catholic Church but there are millions who hate WHAT THEY THINK is the Catholic Church."

To be clear, there’s no such thing as “the Protestant church.” Protestantism is a movement with different communities, some of which are more organised theologically and structurally than others. But there’s little resemblance between the Amish, CoE, and SDA to say they make up an organised church. Furthermore, I’d caution you against talking of Protestants as if they’re ‘the enemy.’

Secondly, the Catholic Church didn’t write the Bible. The early Church (before there was ‘Catholic’ or ‘Orthodox’) chose which books are divinely inspired and included them in biblical canon.

There will always be someone who will accuse Catholics of idol-worshiping. It’s nothing new, and it’s usually done out of ignorance or misunderstanding, therefore your job is to explain the Catholic POV patiently.

I don’t care if this man’s views on idolatry are hypocritical, and I don’t care if his accusations come from willful ignorance (people are entitled to be wrong), but destroying any religious object is an extremely offensive act.

I used to be fervently against the Catholic Church, but I NEVER thought about disrespecting Mary like that. If you did that with a statue if Martin Luther King Jr., you’d be labeled as disrespectful and even possibly a hate act of a racist individual. But for some reason they find it ok to shatter a beautiful statue of the Mother of God with a hammer. Classy.

Edit: haha, I just read the comment about that not even being a statue of Mary. Well, my point is the same, whether it’s Mary or any other saint…

Even though I don’t agree with the Muslim religion the practice of some of our troops in the Middle East urinating on Qurans or burning them, I find offensive. Though I don’t consider the Quran a holy book there are people who do.

One can’t be the world heavyweight champion by going after also-rans.

It’s tough bein’ th’ big dawg!


My opinion of this video is that I was ready to join the Church until I saw the stain glassed windows in the background during the panorama. This man is a hypocrite.

Actually this is a sad commentary on Protestant thought. It was as you know common when Protestant thought erupted. There was this and more in the 1600. This man is acting out what has happened in the past and he learned it somewhere. It is being taught and transmitted to others and that is sad.

This is a type of Protestant not representative of all that are Protestant. It appeals to some but not to all. It is what Protestant thought has produced but not all that it has produced.

It is just sad.:frowning:

When did you think the CC began?


It’s offensive.

Here’s the guy’s website if you want to look at it.

This is your iconoclast.

That video is your iconoclast on drugs.

You know, when the pastor begins to hit the statue he says something like, “come on Mary, can you stop this hammer?”

It kinda reminds me of the passage that tells how the people mocked Jesus on the Cross and asked him to save himself.


As its own Church distinguishable from other Churches? Sometime before or after the East-West Schism.

In my opinion it’s a two-way effort. Non-Catholics should to ask questions and try to keep informed before making (especially offensive) assumptions about Catholic worship and veneration. At the same time, Catholics should also avoid giving misleading impressions to outsiders and less educated Catholics – and this means being mindful of the way we use icons and speak of the saints, as well as keeping informed about Catholic worship and veneration.

Distressing. If someone tore up a picture of my mother, I’d be angry–and even this guy would probably be displeased. I hope he never travels to Ethiopia, since the Orthodox Church there believes it possesses the Ark of the Covenant. It wouldn’t be inconceivable for this preacher to take a hammer to that vessel too.

We should pray for God to free Calvinistic/Zwinglian Protestants of the iconoclastic heresy, which ultimately makes faith so spiritual as to degrade the material realm, Docetic- and Gnostic-style. Iconoclasm, along with solo Scriptura and anti-sacramentalism, is one of my least favourite theological errors prevalent within Christianity since the Protestant Revolution.

I agree with everything you say, but the term “Catholic” was something the “early Church” (Meaning the Catholic Church) always called itself as, at least regarding the evidence.

It’s first mentioned in the letter to the Smyrnaeans by St. Ignatius of Antioch. And placing this, in conjunction to the other chronicles, letters and epistles, we see that the Orthodox Churches of today also called themselves Catholic back then.

I think this was something that needed to be brought up.


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