Protestant essential/non essential unity theory?


Where is this document that enumerates the essential and non essential doctrines but maintians unity among thousands of Protestant Denoms?

When did this council of denoms affirm/agree on such a list?
What denoms signed this agreement? Which didnt?
Does a signed document exist?
Can it be viewed on the web?
Where in scripture is there a list of essentials and nons?
What method was used at this “meeting” to determine an essential from an non?
What denom signed this aggreement, and which didn’t?
Before “unity” can be claimed shouldnt there be a united signed agreement?
If no agreement can be made, how would this unity stand?

Simple questions from a Catholic. In Christ!


Very good questions… I’m curious to see if there is an answer. When I was non-Catholic, I asked ministers and lay people alike, many times, only to get the “doe in the headlights” response.
Thanks for posting the questions!!

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