Protestant experiences Purgatory

Interesting article of a man that experiences heaven during a surgical procedure. I’ve heard of this happening to other people.

Why did you title your post about Purgatory?

In the story, he mentions souls in purgatory or limbo wandering around…

Because Protestants don’t believe in Purgatory

When Bob “returned” to the hospital, he said he saw a type of purgatory with hundreds of souls all around him. Purgatory is believed to be a place or state after death in which penitent souls are purified and thereby made ready for heaven.

“There were an awful lot of them – when you looked out the window, they were just wandering,” he said.

**Lois said she was surprised at the description her husband gave her of purgatory. As a Protestant, she said she always was taught that there is no such thing as being “caught in limbo.”

“I was taught that your spirit goes to God and your body to dust, so this went against everything we’ve been taught,” she said. “But I knew he was seeing what he was seeing.”**

That’s what I get for reading only the first few sentences… :frowning:

Thanks for sharing the article, I’m passing it along right now!

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