Protestant Family coming with me to Mass. Im Very Nervous!!!


Just a few minuets ago, I have gotten an text message from my GrandMother, who asked if she can come to Mass with me, and bring my little cousin. I said sure, I am filled with joy but I am also nervous.

In the 1980s, my GrandMother left the Roman Catholic Church because she felt it was boring and not right for her. I am nervous on how she is going to react when she goes to my parish tonight for Christmas Eve Mass. Please pray everything will be okay!

God Bless,

If it’s OF in English with Christmas carols you should be fine. We Protestants generally like that.

I wouldn’t worry. She knows how to behave at Mass. I encourage you to give thanks that she’s asked to come with you.


She asked to go because she wants to be there.

Perhaps God is moving in her heart and tonight will be just the beginning.

Our job is to plant the seeds; He makes them grow. Trust the Spirit to bring your Grandmother home.

I’ve been to EF with Christmas carols in Latin, beautiful service.

I’ll bet your Grandmother is a lot more nervous than you are. Put everything in Our Lord’s hands. Have a Blessed Christmas.

As Father Mitch Pacwa, SJ, EWTN, often says…I offer to you (paraphrasing):

you are in “sales”…you have done your “job”…now it is up to “management” to do Its “job”…“Management” is The Holy Spirit…who knows how to “manage”…and never, ever makes a mistake.

Rejoice that the Holy Spirit has used you in “sales”…and be at peace…and watch to see what the Holy Spirit will do. Be ready to listen in Charity of heart…and speak the Truth in Charity of spirit…ready to listen to criticisms…misconceptions…outright untruths…

…and to give/get answers to criticisms/misconceptions/questions…as needed. Resources – yourself,The Bible, The Catechism,, New (Catholic Encyclopedia),, Catholic Answers (…the “sales” job is not over until the “deal” is closed…and remember…“The Closer” is the Holy Spirit.

Pax Christi

My sister who is Protestant as well called me last week and asked if she could come to Midnight Mass with me, I’m kind of nervous but also super excited. Also, yesterday she texted me and said “I’m so excited about tomorrow night” and I asked her about it later and she is super excited about going to Mass with me!

I believe if your Grandmother approached you about attending Mass with you, she wants to be there! She also knows what’s going on, unlike my sister. I gave her kind of a “what to expect” because I had no idea what was going on when I went the first time.

Or as I heard a Protestant preacher say once, “you’re just the last person on the witness stand before the final verdict comes in from the jury.” :wink:

I am really happy to hear this, I pray for your grandmother to return home to the Church and for every church that will be visited during this Christmas season by searching protestants, to be filled with joy and light of Our Lord.

Saint Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. Help us to lead your children back to your Son.

Have a blessed mass.:highprayer::getholy::gopray2:

to OP:

How did Mass go with your Protestant family?

misspriss, how was Mass with your sister?

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