Protestant forums?


Is it a sin to go on Protestant forums like CARM?


Don’t know about sinful…probably not objectively so, but if it leads you to think uncharitably towards the posters there all the time, or otherwise affects you negatively, it might be at least a venial sin.

I would council that, sinful or not, it’s most assuredly not wise. CARM is just an echo-chamber wherein the posters like to sit around and talk about how wonderful they are, and how horrible anyone else is.

Why bother?


Not a sin unless you allow it to take you away from your faith in the Church. ;)

It is kind of a self punishment if you want go there. They will simply hate on you and if you defend the Church then you get banned. ;) Been there, done that and gave back the t-shirt lol. If you want to do apologetics, there is a non Catholic sub forum here or maybe you can find a different one than CARM. CARM is pretty much one word from being a hate group.


From CARM:

We examine , abortion, atheism, evolution, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, relativism, Roman Catholicism, Wicca, universalism,

We made the list!

Sad…I pray for them and the heretics (you’ll notice there is a section on ex-priests, so we CAN call them heretics) they feed & breed.


The most “intense” (for lack of a better word) site I ever read and posted to was Catholics and Protestants which was named a fellowship board and it was brutal. That said I learned a lot, became friends with many Protestant (LCMS, Baptists, SDA, etc)
and came towards a better undertanding of different faiths. I do believe that’s the point
of viiting any non Catholic forum.

There was a LCMS isues site that I visited as a visitor to learn more about what the Lutheran church specifically the Missouri Synod taught as I have several LCMS friends. I don’t know if that site is still availble. I had to have special permission to visit as I professed my faith in a non LCMS church. It was very fascinating and there I also learned a lot, read Luther’s Small and Large Chatechism and portions of the Book of Concord.

Many Churches also do a great job of having “official” doctrine readily available online…

The hatred can go both ways non Catholic and Catholic unfortuantely. I like discussing
official doctrine and not opinions of it best. My own bias :slight_smile:


It is not a sin.

I used to go on Fresh Hope until they banned me with smiles on their faces. I lasted a long time before my ban, though.


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