Protestant Fundamentalist believe they are the only ones going to heaven

This is true with MANY of them. But When we say were the only ones going to heaven [which I doubt we will be the ONLY ones] OH! All Hell breaks loose and protestants have fit over this statement. Yet when they state it, we calmly recognize the scriptural passages. [This is not for all Protestants. but MOST Protestant Fundamentalist I talk to have a fit over that. But some do not.]

Yeah. I don’t know why. But Catholics aren’t the only ones going to heaven - at least I don’t think so. Only God knows.

BTW who made them the judge?

It’s a common hypocrisy. “Oh Catholics believe they’re the only ones going to heaven, well the Bible and Calvin and Luther said such and such, and so therefore they’re going to hell laughs evilly

The truth is, only God knows who is, and who isn’t going to heaven.
Although, I slightly disagree with you. I currently (soon to change hopefully) attend a Protestant church, and most of them are great, modest people who don’t believe they are the only ones going to heaven…

unfortunately it’s true of a lot along with they think all Catholics are going to hell at least it was when i was going to one as a kid

Yeah, that’s my big problem with Fundamentalists. They play God and say who is and isn’t going to Heaven. Only God knows that.

God bless :byzsoc:


Well, probably some fundamentalists believe they are the only ones going to heaven. I doubt they all seriously believe that! People believe all sorts of things, but that doesn’t make those things necessarily true.

Individual Catholics may say that only Catholics are going to heaven but that has never been a teaching of the Catholic Church.

That salvation only comes through the Catholic Church does not mean that only Catholics will go to heaven. It means that if you are saved then you were saved through the Catholic Church.

Analogy that might help
Jesus built a road to heaven. It is the only road. If you get to heaven on the road then you used the road Jesus built. You might think you were on the road built by Mohammad, Buddha, Vishnu or The Bible but you are just mistaken.

The Catholic church is the road.

Another mistake people make is they do not understand what the Catholic Church believes itself to be. Just as an iceberg is 4/5 underwater and not visible so too is the Catholic Church. All the saints in heaven (Church Triumphant), people in purgatory (Church Suffering) and on earth (Church Militant) are parts of the Catholic Church.

The reason conservative Protestants typically object to extra ecclesiam nulla salus is that they think it reflects an idolatrous view of the Church. It isn’t just a matter of being offended or something of that sort (that tends to be more of an issue for moderate/liberal Protestants). The argument is that salvation comes only through Jesus, so if you say the Church is necessary you don’t really believe in Jesus alone; and since you can’t believe in Jesus if you don’t believe only in Jesus, therefore you don’t believe in Jesus at all; therefore you are yourself unsaved and going to hell.

I agree that the result is largely the same. But the theological shape of the two beliefs is quite different. One is individual (are you, personally, trusting in Jesus alone for salvation), and the other collective.

And I should clarify: many of the conservative Protestants who have concerns about EENS because they think it gets in the way of trusting in Jesus alone do not therefore conclude that Catholics as a whole are going to hell, only that there’s a worrying trend in the Catholic Church that may cause many Catholics to trust in the Church rather than in Jesus.

Also, I should note that I’m not describing my own position above! I believe that some form of EENS is an essential part of orthodox Christianity (more or less as defined by Vatican II).


before you make this claim please provide solid evidence that the same persons who claim only those who share their own beliefs are going to heaven, are also the same identical persons among whom “all hell breaks loose” as you call it. If you can’t prove these persons are one and the same you have no business making such a general accusation. If you have an apologetics question about salvation, why not first search here to see if it has been answered, and if not, pose your question for discussion.

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